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IVF start date

Hey everyone,

Just looking for a little information. Have received a letter today from hospital saying I've to call them Monday and will be starting IVF in November (ICSI).

I'm just wondering what the procedure is? And how long does the procedure take?

I'm a little worried about taking time off work and when to put it for time off? I work in a cafe home so work load is quite heavy so was planning to take some time off.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Amanda! Great news you've got your start date!

Everyones journey is different but I imagine you'll have a lot of blood tests/scans between now and starting treatment. Three months before treatment we cut out caffeine, alcohol, any processed foods - there's loads of information online about this so just do what's right for you - and we stated taking conception vitamins. Approx 4 weeks before egg collection I was put on ICSI long protocol where I had to inject one injection a day for a couple of weeks for the 'down regulation' and then two injections for the 'stimming' part of the process (you may have a short protocol in which case it's different but you can google both :)) Then I had egg collection and embryo transfer. We had ICSI where they inject the sperm into the egg. Some people have IVF where they wash and prepare the sperm and put in an environment with the egg to see if they fertilise. There's also IUI where they wash and prepare the sperm and place in back inside (sorry if you already know this, I only know little bits of information but I think that's about right). There will be a lot of waiting until you start your jabs but then it flies by! It's very exciting when you're almost there!! I took two weeks sick from work as recommended by the hospital. I think that was the right amount of time but some only take a week and others take longer, just make sure you have plenty of rest after your treatment while you're in the 2ww (two week wait).

I'm sorry if I've waffled, I hope that makes sense?! There's loads of information online but try to stick to reputable sites, your clinic should have a lot of information on theirs. I also found YouTube videos helpful and some blogs.

Best of luck with everything!! x x x


Thanks for all the information. We are also having ICSI.

Sorry that was meant to say care home. Ive read people advice the first 2 weeks off, but last year I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks (from natural pregnancy) and ive always worried this could have been down to work as it's very heavy and long hours. I'm not sure what to do for the best.

How did you find the injections? I'm really worried about that as I don't like needles lol.

Have been taking contraception vitamins since last year and also my partner takes male fertility vitamins.

Congratulations on your BFP 😊 xxx

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Thank you :) it's just as stressful now as is was at the beginning of the process! 🙈😂

If you can take the two weeks I would. I know it's hard and you don't want to let people down but its not worth the risk of putting yourselves through all of that emotional turmoil to not give your body a fair chance after.

The needles were fine, I was freaked out at first but in the end it was really easy and I looked forward to doing them to get one day closer, get your DH to do it if you're struggling ;)

There's a nurse on here called Diane, she can give you a list of questions to ask the clinic closer to the time. I have them if you would like them just give me a shout x x x


Hi guys, just have joined and am reading through posts, I didn't take 2 weeks off last time and had a pregnancy of unknown origin and then miscarried, I also work in a care setting and work long hours so I am definitely taking the 2 weeks off this time, can anyone give me any tips leading up to the egg collection?





I am waiting a referral for Ivf, and I was wondering what you meant by the two weeks off, is this recommended after the embryos are transferred? X


If you could send those questions to me that would be great thanks. I called yesterday and we have an appointment on 4th of July with consultant. How long after this appointment does treatment usually start? Kathryn I'm not sure about any tips leading up to egg collection as haven't yet had ivf but I wouldn't definitley be interested to find some tips out too. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I definitley think you should take the 2 weeks off. I plan on doing the same and actually may take longer if I feel I need to as I also feel work could be to blame for the miscarriage I had. X


Woolston - I think it is recommended. To allow your body rest, especially if your in a job that's maybe stressful or heavy etc. X


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