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Hey ladies.

My test date is on sat. I was very sneaky and done a cheap test on Monday which was negative. I never told my husband cos he would be raging with me. He has agreed I can test on Friday and he will be there with me. I just wondered if any other ladies test early without their other half knowing.?? I was gonna do it tomorrow so I can prepare myself if it's a bad result but dunno if I could cope on my own and he wouldn't be happy with me doing it myself. Other opinions greatly appreciated.

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I was very strict and stuck to OTD. On roubd 1 I didn't buy HPTs until day before so couldn't have tested even if I wanted to. Hubby seemed a bit surprised that I hadn't got them in beforehand but understood my logic when I told him.


Hi cmc! I tested a week early (I had a 17day 2ww) and got a faint positive and shouted for DH straight away as we'd never seen a second line on a test every before! BUT if the test had been negative there's no way pedro I would have told him! He would have only told 'this is why they give you a test day' blah blah blah hahaha I don't blame you for testing early but I would wait now for DH - I think he should be with you when you get your proper result :) x x x


Thanks ladies. I'll wait until Friday. Only 2 more sleeps. Trying to remain cautiously optimistic. Some days I have a bad feeling about the whole thing then other days I get excited about it. Emotional roller-coaster we put ourselves through!!

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