Scared, anxious and worried.... 15 weeks

Hi ladies

Not all of you can answer this. I am nearly 15w and have lost all signs of pregnancy actually feeling pretty normal as though it was all a dream. Last few days have had sharp stick like pains in my abdomen and what's feels like groin area, then one side is hurting and stomachs is tender. I have been to the docs but tbh they were pretty useless so am off to the EPU to see if they will scan me as I don't have a scan until July 21 πŸ™ˆ That's years away.

Am stressed out and scared, can't sleep and appetite seems to have gone a little awol. Really scared something is up with baby 😒😒😒😒 DH seems to think it's growing pains but he is trying to keep me positive has anyone else had this in the second trimester?

Thanks xx

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  • Best to get checked out Tamtam, reassurance is priceless. There are times when you don't feel pregnant and I believe this is normal. Pains are also normal because of all the stretching and the weight of the baby, placenta etc. You've been through so much and I'm sure the nurses at the EPU will do the necessary checks and ease your mind. Let us know how you get on. I also experienced loss of appetite and lack of sleep so nothing you've mentioned is alien to me. Hope this gives you some reassurance however peace of mind is priceless and if you're worried definitely get checked out x x

  • Hello, just to let you know, I remember at 9/10 weeks suddenly starting to feel 'normal' and not at all pregnant and it really scared me. Everyone kept telling me that it is normal to feel like this as you can't spend the whole 9 months feeling poorly or strange. Also, you are nearing your second trimester and this is when they say you start to glow and feel good. I was so worried I went to the EPU and had another scan just for reassurance. After everything you have been through, if another scan is what it takes to put your mind at rest, go ahead and have one ASAP.


  • Hi tamtam1 am not pregnant but I would definitely say go get a scan done I pray everything is OK and like the girls above say they have had same feelings so sounds like it's normal best of luck in ur pregnancy hun xxxx

  • I went from starving all the time to not being all that hungry... Except for some weird stretching type pain that's it!

    Go to EPU, even if they only hook you up to the Doppler it will make you feel so much better, hearing a heart beat.

  • Definately best to get checked out hon, but the second trimester is the best for feeling good. I can't wait till you feel movement then you'll get daily reassurance and it's the best feeling :) xx

  • I'd agree with everyone else, the 2nd trimester is the one where you feel the best! I lost my symptoms then as well - my boobs didn't even get any bigger after about 16 weeks and I was flying it with energy levels, no nausea, etc.

    Having said that, I've had frequent scans every 4 weeks at a minimum so I had that added reassurance. Without the added scans I would probably have been a nervous wreck so if you can get extra scans and they put your mind at ease, go for it. It gets easier when you feel movement. x

  • Hi TamTam, just had another thought - is there such a thing as a high risk clinic at the maternity hospital you're going to? If you could be referred there, they should be able to offer you extra monitoring and scans.

  • Not sure love... Just got to EPU and waiting πŸ™πŸ½

  • Good luck and maybe worth asking about getting extra monitoring.

  • It might be a follicle bursting, I have had that this week. They turn into cysts and can burst if you move suddenly or turn its like a really sharp pain, the fluid from inside then will then cause discomfort for a day or two my clinic said X

  • Hi Tamtam thinking of you, let us know how you're getting on. I'm coming up to 5 weeks so I can't relate but I do know that around this time a couple of my close friends got themselves into a right old state when they experienced the same thing. They were convinced something was wrong. Their girls are now 18months+ and they're expecting their second children :) x x x

  • Hi ladies

    Thank your messages. Just letting you know baby is fine and rather active. She said all the pains I am having is normal and only worry if it is heavy bleeding which thank gold it isn't or no bleed.

    This is a journey that no matter what you do cannot be prepared for.

    So for now baby is all good and I may get some sleet so night and DH too.

    Wishing everyone else a happy pregnancy or easy 2ww or happy test day and massive hugs to those just starting and to those that haven't had luck yet hang in there I pray we all will get there in the end 😘

  • That's great! Hope you got some nice scan photos too - the early photos are the best. 😊

  • That's great to hear Tam Tam!

  • Aw that's great Tamtam I'm glad all is well. You do what you need to do to get through these 9 months of pregnancy. I have to say the out of hours maternity ward at my hospital have been amazing the few times I've had to call them for advice or go get checked. So reassuring. I hired a doppler and I have private scans for peace of mind. After 1st trimester I never thought I'd feel normal again so the 2nd trimester was an absolute blessing for me 😘 x x

  • Oh I think I know what you mean. I'm 12 weeks today and still to wait another week and a day for my scan to see i everything is ok. At the moment I also just feel normal and have been for a while, so want to know what's going on in there. I just have to hang on there for another week! Good to hear that your baby is all doing fine, that must have taken some weight off your shoulders, although I know how hard it is to stop worrying completely. But if it looks good at this point, chances are very good according to all statistics, I think that's an important thing to keep in mind. :-)

  • Hi Tamtam1. I'm sure all is going well. You are over a third of the way through your pregnancy now, and usually most symptoms disappear, so you can hopefully enjoy it more. The twinges and pains you are having, are probably just down to ligaments stretching and your womb moving up more. Just think of your little one as he/she is now growing fingernails and eyelashes - looking more like you both each day. Not too many "years" left now for your scan, and I do hope it gives you further reassurance. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane xx

  • I'm 16.4 weeks and feel completely normal- just a bit plumper πŸ˜‚ If it wasn't for hearing the heartbeat today with the midwife I'd be questioning it too! We're some of the lucky ones 😘 Xxx

  • Hi Tamtam, just seen this so know you've had your scan but wanted to add that I was exactly the same. Symptoms went but started getting sharp pains. I think it was what Diane said - my uterus getting bigger and moving my organs around and ligaments stretching so please try not to worry. Not long now until you start feeling your LO move inside you and that will hopefully give you reassurance that everything is ok. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy x

  • Hey hon

    Yes I have had my scan and a private one on Sat. She did say all was to be expected. We managed to hear a fierce heart beat and got a quick 3D view. Hope you are well xx

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