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Oh I'm soooo angry!!!! Had a flight planned for many months to see my parents who live in Spain, when I started my treatment I spoke to the nurse and doctor who said it was absolutely fine for me to travel and would not cause any risk at all. They did advise to check with my insurance company though just incase - wise advice.

I've just phoned them up and they've said they will not cover me as its MY choice to be having IVF!!!! How is it MY choice that I can't reproduce naturally??

Sorry, I need to vent!!

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  • Hi Lillie, i had the exact same thing when i asked ifnid be covered to cancel!! I was absolutely disgusted!! How can they use that as a loop hole to get out of paying out?!? Especially as when we booked the flights we didnt know that we'd be having the treatment at this time.... And how dare they say that its OUR choice?!? 😑😑😑

    What stage are you at? Im on the 2ww and test date is 2days before flying to magaluf 😬

    The nurse who did the ET confirmed that being its only a 2hour flight will be ok but i should wear flight socks and take a small aspirin and drink plenty of bottled water. So im gonna go As its just what I need. Plus i dont want to lose my money 😌

    I know that anger though hun! Xxx

  • Oh bless! I know it was how they said it which angered me prefer if they had just said no we can't cover you. Nearly there with my down reg so should be starting stims next week. Oh fingers crossed for you, and definitely agree a break is good for our stress levels!! Xx

  • I was worried about informing my insurers whilst undergoing fertility treatment, I didn't specify what and they didn't ask. This worry was based on my previous insurers who won't cover me whilst waiting for op for fibroids (that caused me no issues) . Current insurers said it didn't impact on premiums and they didn't need to know. I was so surprised.

    Perhaps you need to change insurers?

  • Yeah I think I do, just more annoyed at their comment than anything else. X

  • Travelling to Spain is absolutely fine, and you are safe to fly, the only watch out is going to places with the Zita virus, but other than that short haul flights are safe to fly either during your treatment or in early pregnancy. Why do you need to cancel Hun? Xx

  • Thank you! I won't cancel I've decided, but it was a just incase scenario for the insurance. X

  • Do you have a European Health Care Card? If worse comes to worse and you need urgent medical treatment whilst in Spain, that would be provided by their NHS equivalent like any other European citizen. You just go to A&E. I suppose the worst that can happen I that

  • Good idea! Yes I do have the ehic side that sounds like a plan. Thank you x

  • you miss your flight back to UK and you have to pay for them again...

  • Have you tried different companies? I called my insurers and they didn't care but said they'd record it on file x

  • Oh really? Yeah tried a couple but said the same (but in a nicer way!) x

  • Hi LillieF. Just to try and reassure you a little, I have many ladies who go to the USA, Spain and all sorts of places. They have embryo transfer and travel back on the same day - and many work out well. You should have your European Health card "thingy", so this will cover you in cases of emergency, and Spanish hospitals are generally very good. I hate this "you've decided to have IVF" jargon - you have a medical condition - none of us choose to be like this. Try and relax and enjoy your holiday, and I wish you well with it all. Diane

  • Hi Diane, thanks for your lovely comments. I think the EHIC card is the way forward. Just angered me by their comments, there is a way of saying these things. X

  • Hi LillieF. Happy hols! Diane

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