Second round IVF ICSI - pregnant with identical twins but really poor scan quality and possibly only one heart beat... Help!

Hello everyone,

This is my first post but I've used the site for info sooooo many times. I just feel like I need some others' experiences as I'm going out of my mind with worry.

We've been trying to conceive for over 3 years and have just gone through second round of ICSI due to severe MFI. I had one good quality day 5 blast transferred. Amazingly it worked this time and I'm 7 weeks today. Had transvaginal scan at 6 weeks 5 days but they really struggled to get good picture - why would that be?!? I'm worried as she said I'm measuring 6w1d. There's definitely two yolk sacs in the same embryonic sac and I'm positive that the consultant who came in to confirm the twin pregnancy said that there's was a fetal pole and heart beat (my husband and I saw a flicker on the screen too). However they wouldn't commit to the other one and were being vague about the one that they did hear. I'm worried as they need me to come back at 8 weeks.

Should both heart beats be easily heard?? Is it possible that the two babies just made it harder to get a good picture hence they need to see me at 8 weeks? I'm worried that I'm going to lose them both.

I really appreciate insight into this... I phoned the nurse in the afternoon and she was full of doom and gloom and said it could go either way. What a hard thing to go through!!! The next week is going to kill me!

Thanks everyone.

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  • Oh wizzy how difficult for you. I don't know anything just sending you my hugs and I'll be thinking of you xxx

  • I don't know much about the visibility issue or the aspect of twins, but I think for us IVF girls a scan at 8 weeks is normal. I had a scan on Friday and it came out well for 6 weeks but I am still going in 2 weeks time as there is a still a risk of miscarriage and they want to verify things again.

  • Hi when I was pregnant the clinic couldn't find anything with a transvaginal scan but they could using a normal abdominal scan! Call the early pregnancy unit at your local hospital & tell a small fib that you have been spotting & they will do a scan for you. (My EPU told me to call & say that even if not spotting). Or just go straight to a&e & they will sort a scan out.

    Other option is if you have a 4D scan company near you they normally do all other scans so they will be able to tell & there equipment is much better than clinics, it costs about £100 but most will be able to see you today or tomorrow. Good luck & I hope it was just rubbish machinery xx

  • Just wanted to say I'm sorry you are going through more anxious waiting. Don't know what the unclear reading means but maybe the next scan will make it easier. I was told that sometimes other "bits and pieces" get in the way causing it to be hard to see when I was having the scans before egg collection. I've had an experience where one time they spent 30 minutes looking and couldn't find my ovary and then another experience where, 2 days later, I went in and they found everything clearly straight away.

    I hope it is a good outcome for you next scan X

  • Hi Wizzy1979. Oh dear what a nightmare for you both. From experience I know that a twin pregnancy presents with slightly smaller measurements, that is why we like to recheck at 8/40wks to get a clearer image. Obviously, I don't know if all will be well for you, but do try and remain optimistic - easier said than done I know. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hello, I just thought I would update you with how things are going - I always think that after posting something it's helpful to follow it up so others can learn from it.

    I had an 8 week scan on Friday. It showed a fetal pole and heart beat but there wasn't a definite sign of the other twin. Plus, I was measuring 6 weeks at 8 weeks. The Dr was still positive as there was a good heartbeat but she wanted me to come back for another scan 2 weeks later. However I asked for a scan today as I felt so concerned about the fetal size and had felt I'd lost some symptoms such as sore breasts etc. Anyway, she sadly confirmed that the heart was no longer beating and that it hadn't grown since last week. I'm obviously devastated as we've gone through so much to get here. I'm now just waiting to start bleeding. It's very distressing to think i'll pass the baby myself. Think I'd rather have an operation but I might not get the choice of I start bleeding before my next scan (a week from now). Anyway, if anyone knows how long it takes to start bleeding, I would be glad of the info.

    Many thanks ladies.

  • I'm so sorry to read this Wizzy. Sending lots of love x x x

  • Sorry to hear this, Wizzy. Just sent you a message there.

  • Sorry to hear your sad news Wizzy! Look after yourself!x

  • Heartbreaking to read I am so sorry. Take care of yourselves xxx

  • Aww, i'm so sorry to read this 😓 Thinking of you, its incredibly hard to go through. I had missed miscarriage at 9 wks 4 days and they reckon the heart stopped beating at 8 wks. I was told I had to wait a week for my d&c but I pleaded with then to have it sooner, so was in within 4 days. Like you all my symptoms disappeared literally overnight and I paid for a private scan to then be told the news. Other than a little spotting at wk5 i had no other bleeding. Missed mc are horreandous as because you have no bleeding you think all is fine other than gut instinct. What I do have to say though and not sure if you've been told if you decide to let nature take its own course you will go into mini labour with contractions even at this stage. I did not want that or to see everything as to me it was bad enough dealing with the loss let alone having to see it all as had done that with an early miscarriage. With a d&c you know everything is removed so no need to worry if anything has been left behind and your hcg level is normal with a couple of days and your body starts again as normal. With the natural option you could be left even more upset emtionally and mentally and your hcg can take a good while to return to normal. I know operation is always the horrible choice I would make, however everyone is different. I was diagnosed with pts after mine and I know if I had seen it all naturally I would have been far worse. Sorry if this all upsets you but wanted to be honest with you as there weren't that many peoplr who could offer me advice at the time. Thinking of you xxxxx

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