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Hycosy timing in cycle

Hello ladies,

Can I ask which cycle day you had your hycosy tests? I've been given an appointment for cd17 but usually ovulate on day 15. Everywhere I look it seems to be recommended pre-ovulation (including on the hospital website!). I tried to rebook but the nurse is being very hostile and telling me that I am being difficult by asking for a different appointment! All I am looking for is some reassurance that the test can be done after ovulation. Can anyone please help?


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Hi Pana82, my test was day 17 also. Its absolutely fine to be post ovulation. They just advise you to ensure you are not pregnant. Since its only a few days after you would be due ovulate a test would not pick it up so you just need to ensure you dont have any unpritecyed sex over that period.xx

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Thank you! In that case I'll leave it as it is. It's a shame that we lose a month of ttc but I guess in the grand scheme of total ttc time it doesn't really matter!

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