Unexplained Fertility

Hey everyone just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me. My husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained fertility and are both in good health, we started trying before our wedding when I was 25 and we have just hit the 2 year mark. We are getting put on the IVF waiting list this month so fingers crossed if it doesn't happen itself IVF will work. :-)

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  • Hey CC you will find a lot of people on here in the same boat. Me and hubby are unexplained also. Having been trying for 2.5 years now I am of the opinion my eggs are not that taken with his swimmers!!

    Its all a big unknown. Hopefully you dont have too long to wait, wishing you thr best of luck when your time comes round.


  • Thank you for the reply :-) I'm getting really impatient now everyone at work is falling pregnant really quickly. I also think its either the swimmers aren't getting to where they need to go or there is something wrong with my eggs. Really hoping IVF works but I'm really really scared as I had the dye test done which showed my tubes were clear but I have never ever felt pain like that and I'm petrified IVF will be similar :-(.

  • Hi there. Don't panic too much when I had the dye test done I was in agony and wondered how the he'll I would cope if I did get pregnant and had to give birth! I have had 2 rounds of icsi and the most painful bit was having the cannula in for EC!! Not an easy journey but that's what we are all here for!! X

  • Ive already said to my husband if its really bad the first time i wont be doing it again. Did you request ICSI or did they think it was the best course of action? I was saying to my hubby if i could request it i would because i have the fear they would get eggs then they wouldnt fertilise xx

  • They made the call to go icsi on the day of EC as sample was borderline. I would advise going with whatever your clinic says re ivf or icsi. If the sperm are good enough for ivf it's preferred as it will naturally be strongest that fertilise the egg. The embryologist will make sure they give you the best chance either way. X

  • I had the dye test too, have been through my first round of IVF and during that process there was no procedure that was as uncomfortable as the dye test. Dont worry its all absolutely fine. The unknown of whats ahead is the scariest thing but you will do great although as you say, fingets crossed you dont need it at all xx

  • Ye not knowing is a nightmare i would have rather had something come up that was wrong so i knew there was a reason for nothing happening but there is nothing obvious wrong. So its just a waiting game :-). Did you have NHS IVF or go private? We were told we would get a letter a few months before our treatment to go in and meet everyone and be talked through what happens and get some more blood work done.

  • I am on the NHS waiting list but had a private cycle whilst waiting. Im too impatient! Waiting list is about 12 months where I live.xx

  • Weve got 6-9 months to wait from when we get put on the list so hopefully the start of next year we will get the ball rolling :-) and im sure they said once your at the top you stay at the top until your cycles are done so i only get 2 so by middle of next year it will either have worked or we will be looking to adopt :-) xx

  • Hi, I just want to let you know that I'm in your boat but 10 years older. I had the dye test too and it was fine immediately after (it also came back clear), but 6 hrs later I felt really bad and sore until the next day. I have since then been in treatment and can honestly say that it's been all very painfree in my case - even the dreaded egg collection, I woke up in recovery and wasn't sore after. Now I'm 10 weeks pregnant, so just want to give you some encouragement that although it can seem tough emotionally, it can also be unexpected problem free. With your age it looks very promising. Good luck!

  • Thank you :-D and congrats on the pregnancy xXx

  • I would take the time while your waiting to try and do everything you can to get yourself and your husbands body ready for IVF. I also have been 'diagnosed' as having unexplained infertility and we have been trying for 4.5yrs. Make sure you are both taking the vitamins you need and eating a good diet. There are lots of books and articles out there on how to get in the best shape but try not to become too obsessed (as I have become) with it all as it's important not to be too stressed out about it all. Good luck

  • Thanks for the advice :-) we both have good diets and eat well, neither of us smoke and were not drinkers either, and were both on multivitamins already just need to wait and see what happens. Stress is a concern on my part but I have a lot going on at the moment so I've taken up yoga to try and de stress and I have had a counsellor as well so hopefully I can chill or as much as possible. Thanks everyone for replying you have been a big help :-) xXx

  • "Unexplained infertility" is awful because even if you are doing everything right - it just isn't working. I personally found acupuncture helped me a lot. Where I was apparently healthy and doing all the right things, when I went to acupuncture she said that I was wearing myself out with the exercise I was doing and made some particular suggestions with regard to my diet. I also think that the treatments I had just prior to implantation helped me get a BFP on the 2nd and 3rd try so it is worth investigating while you are waiting to have IVF.

  • Thanks for the reply I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with my first :-). I conceived naturally after having endometriosis removed privately x

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