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hyperthyroidism and ovulation ?


Miscarriage started over 5 weeks ago. I'm waiting for my ovulation. I was 7 weeks along. I was taking thyroid meds and dose was slightly too high and made my thyroid levels in a hyperthyroid state. It's probably better now as I have reduced the size 2 weeks ago. In your experience or expertise when would I likely to ovulate still negative ovulation test.... Really want to try again now .

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Hi Orangepie. Been away so only just read your post. Unfortunately following a miscarriage, normal ovulation can take a couple of months to get back on course again. Perhaps your thyroid medication has been to blame a bit too, as it is a hormone after all. Hopefully all will soon settle down again and you can try again. Thinking of you. Diane


That's ok I've got my positive ovulation test now thanks for replying .


Hi. That's great! Off you go and huge luck! Diane


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