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Cancelled IUI due to too many follicles!

Hi Ladies. We decided to try IUI before taking the plunge with IVF. They put me on 50mg clomid for 5 days, and this morning I went it for the first scan which revealed at least 6 large follicles when they are only after max 2! The nurse said reduction would be a possibility which I was gearing myself up for on Monday... But this afternoon they called me to say they won't do reduction either as my bloods revealed I am not about to ovulate! I'm gutted and so confused! first attempt and it's wasted....

With hindsight, I should have insisted on a natural IUI as I am sure ovulation is not the problem in our 'unexplained' fertility. Has anyone else over-ovulated with clomid? I am annoyed they put me on this, but she also said this is quite rare... X

(PS Also how do you add an IUI tag for the posts? it would be so much easier to find people undergoing this procedure :)...)

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Hi, hun! I'm sorry you're feeling anxious and a bit angry about the fact. But sometimes it does happen. At the beginning of our fertility treatment we passed one IUI shot. But they had to cancel my IUI because I had too many follicles. (6 nice sized ones and many more little ones). RE gave the option of doing an egg retrieval and going with ivf but I felt so rushed and just wanted to take my time with this process. I wanted my body to be ready. And I didn't want to waste money by doing something I didn't have to. RE also told me I may not be able to try next cycle because of the amount of follicles I have. Also he noticed the possibility that they may turn into cysts. She said she may have to put me on birth control. I was devastated and my DH was not happy then really. :( He thought that nothing good had come out of me going to the doc. And that we had wasted 3 months when we could have been trying other options. (Finally it turned out to be DE IVF the only possible thing for us, which we successfully finished in Ukrainian clinic).

So, hun, you need time. I know this is hard, but if you really trust your doc then just fallow what he/she says. Try and stay positive! Let the cards to be in your favor next time Xx

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Thank you so much Karinyaa for your encouraging words! I suppose it just feels like such a let down given this is our first cycle and I am just wondering if they would have done a retrieval if it was not the weekend... But you are right, it is best not to rush into something when it is unnecessary! Very best of wishes to you Xx


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