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EC yesterday .. not as good as hoped

So had EC yesterday got 9 eggs 6 mature only 2 fertilised. Last time I had 16 eggs 5 mature 3 fertilised. I just think it's not been done right again ! I only stimmed for 6 days again ... i feel hopeless .. i had 17 follicles and only 9 eggs ... out of 6 only 2 fertilised ! This is my lat nhs so I know I'm jumping the gun but I think I need to go to ARGC to help next time ? Any success stories ?

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Hello KC21,

I just want to share my story. Im 39, husband is 47. We've never had children before.

This is my first attempt for IVF. I expected to collect 5 eggs from 5 follicles. But finally, I only had 1 to collect. And there was only 1 fertilised

(day3 and 6 cells). They transferred it back in . I've got positive result yesterday. Ill go for 1st scan to see heartbeat on 14th June.

Pls don't be stressful. Try to be positive and finding activities or hobbies you like.

You've 2 fertilised. its better than nothing. It can happen just believe it. They only need 1 good quality to put back. So just believe it and the miracle will come.

I wish you lots of luck x


Tukuk, congrats on your BFP 😄 Very encouraging and nice to read your story and will give us all hope. Can I ask, was embryo glue used at the time of your transfer? And how did you spend your 2ww? At work or at home? Sorry for all the questions, but i'm 38 and not far off 39 so it brings me lots of hope reading your story! 😄 X

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hello baby2016,

Thank you very much :) About the embryo glue, they didn't use it for my case when transferred . I had time off from work for 2ww. Mostly, I've spent my time at home.

After transfer day1-3, I was only having a rest by laying down, sitting and a little walk at home.

day4-6, sitting and walking more than first few days. Also I prepared myself meals for this stage

after 1 week, I was doing some light house work such as washing up. and also went out to get some fresh air , walked in the field for a little while.

I'm now back to work after 2ww. it's about physical work. That is why i've been off from work during 2ww. Nurses said that the first week is very important but after that physical works are no problem

Any questions, please don't be hesitate to ask. You're very welcome :)

All the best to you and wish you lots of luck X

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We can respond very differently to the drugs on different cycles and the dicons don't khow why. I got 13 eggs 1st time, 12 were mature and only 2 on the second round. The consultant was expecting to get 5 or 6 so to get only 2 was gutting. I found the difference so disappointing and the lack of an explanation very frustrating.

Try to stay positive, you can still get a BFP from the 2 that fertilised.


Hi I understand your frustration, first time I only got 2 eggs and only one fertilised, this round got 7 eggs, 5 fertilised but ended up with just 2 which I had both put back, test date Thurs. hang in there and keep positive.

This is also our last try on NHS before we go elsewhere X


You only need one 😊 Good luck for your transfer xxx


Two is still better than none - I had 2 out of 4 at the end of my cycle and they were both transferred. The twins are due in a few weeks, so you just never know!


Thank you trove ... i feel like it's ended before its began x I'm ok though ... i just need to work out why I can get lots of eggs but they r not fertilising too well !


I know if sounds like a cliche but it only takes one!! Fingers crossed everything goes well for transfer x x x

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