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Transfer moved to Monday blastocyst !

So, embryologist just rang and said good news 5 out of your 6 fertilised eggs are still going strong and they each have 7-8 cells each . The 6th egg is still growing.

She said they want to take it to Monday blastocyst and said this was very good and this was the best chance of achieving pregnancy , so we go there Monday at 11am.

I still don't really get blastocyst fully .

What are your thoughts on blastocyst stage , I'm just worried that the 5 good ones may decrease by Monday .

At least I can have the weekend to get the flat tidy and prob best too with regards to my boyfriend getting pissed last night.

I feel a bit strange that the embryo are being left for a further 2 days just hope they survive.

Have any of you had blastocyst ?? Xx

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We had blastocyst 1 transferred and 1 frozen. Get plenty of rest over the weekend ready for Monday! ! Good luck with your transfer x


I hope you manage to talk to your boyfriend and sort things out. My hubby can go through stages when he doesn't want to talk or is snappy with me if I want to. We all handle stress/anxiety in different ways but getting drunk wasn't a productive way to do it. I hope he has a massive hang over today! We agreed no alcohol during our treatment but he may think he's done his bit.

Good to hear your embies are doing so well. Blastocyst stage will give you a much better chance of success. We never got to that stage as we didn't have enough embies. You might even get some to freeze.

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I got to day 5 blastocyst lovely :) keep positive xxx


Fantastic news X


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