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At hospital again this morning

Feel like I live at the hospital. Going toddy for another urgent blood test. ( to check in not over producing follicles)

I now have a bruise on belly from injecting .

3 days until my egg collection of all goes to plan ! I can't believe it 😌😌😌.

Im also back at hosp tmr morn for another blood and scan, would it be tmr night I do my late night trigger shot? ( what is the trigger shot meant to do ? )

I've booked Wednesday & Thursday off work but working Friday .

How long did you have off for egg collection? Were you sore ? Xx

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Hi aim

The trigger shot allows the follicles to be recovered, it's very important that you take it at the time given to you.

Egg collection is not too bad, I had mine on Wednesday I was a bit sleepy that afternoon and I've had a bit of bloating since with a sharp pain in my left groin that's just eased off and a few aches like period cramping Saturday.

Once you've had your scan they'll let you know if your ready for EC and it's a really quick 24/48 hours after that!

Good luck,

Holly x


Ohh and don't worry I'm still bruised from one of my injections last week!!


Hi Aimaim77. The trigger shot is a dose of hCG to release eggs into your follicles ready for egg collection. Sorry your tummy is bruised, and hopefully it will soon settle down. Hope all goes well with the scan and bloods. Diane


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