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hi everyone, new to this so thought I'd say hello. Currently 6 days post day 5 blastocyst transfer. Had a relatively easy journey up to post egg collection when I got an infection. On second lot of antibiotics at the moment and feeling lots better, just hope it hasn't been detrimental to embie. 5 days till test day so not too long to wait, finding the wait ok - currently off sick on doctors orders, have only just started feeling better so just chilling. Its been good to read your stories on here. If I can help with anyone, please feel free to ask!

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Hi embiemomma. Sorry to hear that you have been poorly following your embryo transfer. Glad though, that you are now on the mend again. Your little embryo should be quite safe as it is protected by your immune system. Carry on "chillin" and fingers crossed for a positive result. Diane


Fingers crossed for a BFP.

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so, woke up this morning feeling quietly optimistic, but that was soon quashed with a negative pregnancy test. Absolutely gutted as everything seemed in our favour. Informed our clinic who will arrange a follow up appointment but probably not till the end of July... Not sure how I'm going to get though this week let alone 2 months. Feel so unbelievably sad. We have 4 frozen blasts so still a chance, but I feel like our best shot has gone. Sorry its not a happy story, but felt I needed to tell it. Xxx


I'm really sorry you got a BFN, I've had 3. I found the 1st one very tough as all had gone as expected. The clinic weren't able to offer an explanation.

It might not feel like it but you're lucky to have frosties. They're waiting for you when you feel ready to try again. FET is easier to go through as you'll be on fewer drugs.

Be kind to yourselves and time time to grieve and recover emotionally, physically, financially.

Once again, I'm really sorry you got a BFN.


I know we're really lucky to have 4 frosties, good quality ones too. I don't think I'm thinking of that right now though, all I can think is that all my body had to do was implant, feel like a complete failure. Our fresh cycle was NHS funded, so any subsequent treatment will be paid for - extra pressure! It all seems so cruel, I know its fresh and I'll get better its just hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. Thanks for your kind words though, its amazing how kind strangers can be. Xxx


Try not to overthink it all. I put myself through that it and it wasn't helpful.

Time does help.


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