Miscarraige confirmed 😒

Just wanted to let you know that today we had the worst news we could ever have that we lost our little baby at 5wks 1 day. We are totally broken and don't know where to go from here so I will be taking some time off her to try and grieve for our little one. 

After 9yrs of ttc, we finally got our BFP and had it taken away from us. Thank you for all the support you have all given me during my last 2 icsi cycles. You have touched a special place in my heart and I will never forgot the help you give me to get through this horrid journey. Xx

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  • There are no words to describe how you must be feeling but know you are in my thoughts today, big hugs xxxx

  • Daydreamer I am so sorry for your loss. It is absolutely heartbreaking to be told the amazing news that your pregnant and then for it to so cruely be taken away.

    The same happened to me and I stopped coming on here for a bit. Take some time for yourselves and you will find your strenght again.

    Lots of hugs to you, xxx

  • Sorry to hear your sad news!  Take care.x

  • Heart broken for you. Look after yourselves xx

  • So sorry, daydreamer. Take the time you need with your partner and make sure you are getting good support to get through this. Take care of yourselves. x

  • Oh daydreamer89 I am so sad to be reading this. So very sorry. I know the pain you're feeling in your heart, it's just so very cruel. That is a very long time to be ttc. I can't imagine how bad you must be feeling. There's no magic wand to help you to heal, just rest and take time together to find some peace. Lots of love xx

  • Thank you for everything WeeMrsH  xx

  • I'm so sorry 

  • So so sorry

  • Such sad news for you both. Wishing your news was different. Xx

  • So sorry to hear this terrible sad news. Sending you lots of hugs, take care of yourselfs .XX

  • So sorry, life can be so cruel!!!

    Thinking of you xxx

  • Hi daydreamer89. Such cruel news to hear.  Obviously so sorry to hear this, as we all are. Be gentle with yourself and have some rest if you can. Gentle hugs to you both.  Diane

  • Nooooooooo I am so so so sorry to hear this news.

    This is a cruel journey without the pain of loss.  Grieve you little one and once you feel better which I hope will be soon, whatever you decide I wish you well.

    Be kind to yourself xxxx

  • So sorry to hear this. Sending lots of love x x x

  • So sad πŸ˜₯ And so sorry to read this, I know exactly how you feel and it is truly heart wrenching. Take it easy over the coming weeks, cry as much as you want and let it all out and get plenty of hugs x

  • I am so sorry to hear this. It is so sad. I wish you well and quick recovery . I am just going through a 7 week miscarriage. You got your BFP after a long time I am so sorry. I wish you success next time round. You might like this: rainbowbabyhopes.wordpress....

  • Thank you for all your kind words xxx

  • Sorry to read your sad news. 

    I don't think I'll ever understand why life has to be so cruel when already throwing the initial hurdle into the pot to deal with too!!

    Take care X 

  • I feel like we must of been horrible people in our past life to have this much punishment. It's so cruel I feel like nothing is ever on our side to go right. We do our best with everything and still it isn't enough. If I was drug addict that wanted kids for money I bet I would fall pregnant tomorrow ! 

    Time to take some time out and get some tests done to see why I misscarrying because now that we had our 1st ever bfp and experienced a confirmed misscarraige I am 100% sure that this has been happening naturally to me for a long long time. Thank you ladies it's a horrible situation but so nice to have people that understand the pain we go through xx

  • I know, it's so annoying that we naturally blame ourselves when infact the Drs can't even tell us why!!

    Definitely look at having some tests. That's what we did after IVF miscarriage number 2, but infact we think we had another 2 before that as well.

    We've been quite lucky with the NHS testing in the fact that they have done stuff, but it's worth getting a list of stuff together before so that you know they are doing everything possible.

    So far, our tests haven't revealed anything and I'm having a hysteroscopy tomorrow to rule that side of stuff out too.

    It might be worth having a look at the new Tommy's clinics?


    Stay strong lovely lady x

  • Thank you Hollibob it really does suck. Sorry that you to have also gone through this. What tests did u have done ? I have been looking at having a TSH test and a chromosome abnormality test. I have bloods tomorrow  so will start asking questions then. Good luck for your hysterscopy tomorrow I hope you finally get some answers xx

  • Once I've got tomorrow out the way, I'll dig out a list for you.

    Are you at the clinic tomorrow or gp's?

    The clinic gave me a list of bloods they could test privately, but I wanted to see what we could get via the NHS first.

    The GP didn't really want to get involved so agreed to the referral for recurrent miscarriages, but even then, they all do different tests.

    The chromosome test can be tricky on the NHS after 1, but I'll send you some info over the next few days x

  • Thank you very much. I will be looking into this in detail. It will keep me occupied and focused on something. I am at my local EPU tomorrow for my bloods. My clinic has been quite useless 2bh they just said make sure I complete my hcg test with EPU and ring them in 4 weeks. No information or anything. It was our last go on NHS so from now on we will pay for everything just to get to the bottom of it. Take care of yourself will be thinking of u tomorrow.  Thanks again x 

  • My heart goes out to you. There are just no words to describe the pain. Do what you need to do and don't make excuses for anything. You are number 1. It really is a pain that no one understands unless gone through it too. 

    I lost my pregnancy on mothers day. I knew it was going after being rushed to hospital with ohss and was told in hospital that I would miscarry. 

    Stay strong and know that this is not your fault. x x 

  • Thank you and sorry for your loss. The hardest part for us now is that our friends are also pregnant only 1 week more than we were so there is a painful reminder of where we should be and what we should also have 😒 time will help us heal just got to pick up all the peices and start again xx

  • We had something similar. Our friends told us they had found they were having a baby the same week our first ivf failed. I was really close to her too but cos of all this I don't speak to her now. She doesn't.understand why I can't speak about baby stuff and even reffered to getting pregnant "as a competition". Shows the maturity level. 

    She put a massive blog on a pregnancy board on Facebook about how difficult it was for her to conceive. It took her two years and she was on clomid.not quite the same scale as ivf. Got me raging. I have no respect for her now and never will. I literally just cut her from my life with no explanation.

    Hopefully your friend is a true friend and much more understanding and empathetic to your feelings. x x

  • She feels awful, she is a lovely person and will always be there for us and understanding. I actually feel sorry for her because i know how awful she feels. However I have also lost a friend over ivf situations and I have totally removed her from my life. 

    Bad situations always show true friends. Sad but very true xx

  • It certainly does. I'm glad she's out my life now.

    I'm pleased your friend is kind and understanding. I guess it must be awkward for her too now as she wants to share the news and enjoy the experience with you but you need to heal yourself. Although it doesn't mean you're not happy for her. 

    The right ones will stick and they're the ones we need around us right now. The rest can jog on x x 

  • I know this feeling all sounding very familiar. Try to take some quiet time and collect your thoughts. Nature can be so cruel, really praying you can try again once you're ready xxxx

  • Heartbraking news 

  • Hi, 

    It is a tough road and we recently found out the same at 7weeks and 5days. It is so hard and luckily we have each other to talk too. It takes time for us all in our own way. Thinking of you xx

  • I'm really sorry to hear this news. It's not fair.

    I've had 2 mcs from natural conceptions and the shock, particularly the 2nd one, was awful. We didn't get any BFPs from our 3 rounds of ICSI.  I found The Miscarriage Association helpline & website very helpful. Unfortunately the medical profession don't know why miscarriages happen and I found this very frustrating and blamed myself. 

    I doubt the NHS will run recurrent miscarriage screening, they did for me as 2 mcs in 13 months, 3 babies as 2nd pregnancy was twins. It didn't reveal anything anyhow. 

    Take time to recover before making any decisions about next steps and surround yourself with people who love and support you during this challenging time.

  • There are no words sweetheart, just Angel dust and many, many hugs xx

  • So sorry to hear your news, take all the time you need to deal with your loss. I have been ttc 12 years after a lot of fertility treatments including IVF and heartache with several miscarriages I am now aged 42 and 37 weeks pregnant naturally with my little boy, please never give up as dreams do come true take care xx

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