Any chance of BFP with no symptoms?

I am driving myself crazy! I am 5dp3dt and have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. I had a BFP that ended in a mc last year (from a 5dt) and I had cramps from the start that got worse, so I feel I 'know' how my body should respond to being pregnant. I'm not sure if I want the truth from people or hopeless optimism! But any feedback would be grateful.  

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  • Too early for symptoms. Wait until closer to 8 weeks before you'll notice anything. The cramps you felt in your last pregnancy were probably due to the miscarriage. Some women get a little cramping in early pregnancy but not everyone. Every pregnancy is different. I too had miscarriages and thought I knew what to look for but this pregnancy was completely different in the early days. I didn't feel any symptoms until about 8 weeks - then you'll know about it when nausea and tiredness hits!!

  • Thank you for the encouragement! 

  • Hiya

    Symptoms vs no symptoms..... Don't be fooled.  In hindsight I had a few but not ones that were very noticeable at the time.  Now I think back I found things rather odd.

    Before we tested I was adamant that we would get yet another epic fail but when that line appeared you can imagine I was gob smacked to say the least.

    We have just had a 9w scan and all is well and that's without symptoms or very little I have been lucky to say the least.

    Good luck xx

  • Hello we got out bfp last week after 5 years of trying, I was a serial boob and nipple checker as soon as ov had happened.

     no changes at all. Zip. Until af was a week late and got sore nipples but still not boobs. 

    With my other two kids there were significant symptoms before I was even due af. I'm 6+1 today and I'm fretting about how symptomless I am.

     But before bfp it could have been any one of the 59 previous bfn cycles- I was literally gobsmacked when both lines appeared. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 praying this is a healthy bean. 

    It's not over till af arrives Hun try not to worry xxx

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