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Symptoms and BFP



I’ve currently 7days post embryo transfer ive been testing everyday since day four bad i know, day 3 i started brown spotting and had cramping which carried on for three days that seems to have stopped now, this is the reson why i started testing day four i got a very very faint bfp and i mean i thought i was being delusional it was that faint then its grandually got darker everyday still fairly faint but there none of the less! Praying this one sticks! This is my 3rd cycle of IVF good luck everybody!x

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How exciting, good luck 👶🏻💕👶🏻

Congratulations on your BFP! The brown spotting is usually a good sign so fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky xxx

This sounds very promising xx

The line is definitely there! Congratulations!! 🎉🎉 I recommend you buy First Response (we bought ours from Amazon), as it is clearer compared to cheaper ones, & gives you reassurance.

Excellent. You are so brave to test each day. I don't think I could cope! Congratulations xx

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If i didnt start spotting i wouldnt of but every other cycle ive came on my period so i was trying to put my mind at ease and luckily its paid off, im still constantly checking as i feel like AF is coming but i have felt like that all week, fingers crossed!xxx

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