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Advice please

If you were due to start treatment nxt week but this week you started antibiotics and had nasty throat inf would you ask to hold off starting treatment until your 100%?

I feel very run down I do think it's because of all the stress of IVF but at the same time I've been waiting so flipping long to start its use my luck that I get I'll just as I'm about to start. 

Also, I'm bleeding sloghtly more than I was but it stops and starts so still not had a full flow - so I have not ring the clinic yet to say I'm on day 1 of bleed as I'm not sure if is day 1 as been like this since Sunday ! 

Maybe it's a good thing and I should just take this month to get better and hope that my periods on time next month ( problem is I've waited 10 weeks to get this spotting they I'm having now. 

Why is nothing ever simple for me I am feeling sorry for myself I know but I constantly feel I'm being kicked down in one way or another preventing me from starting treatment again. 

What would you do in my shoes ? 

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Honest answer get yourself better first as you want to give yourself the best chance of it working, also clinic will want full flow period not spotting anyway xxx


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