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Feeling so ill

I'm still waiting for period to arrive properly , everyday I think it's there then it stops then starts its so annoying , but this evening it seems to have been a bit more so hopefully tmr it will flow properly and I can get booked in for scan for Friday.

I've been off wrk today as have got a nasty throat infection , I went to the dr and he said I've got 5 ulcers at the back of my throat. 

He gave me a throat spray and said if it didn't feel any better by Friday to start antibiotics . 

I really don't want to take them as am so close to starting injections now and worried the antibiotics will interfere with my IVF treatment. 

I feel like shit I have to say , I can't swallow it kills. 

I'm taking tmr off wrk I've already told them I'm not going in, so plan to rest. 

I think I've got this due to stress. 

Keep everything crossed that my period comes properly tmr. 

And what are your thoughts on antibiotics near treatment? The dr didn't seem bothered when I said I was due to start treatment soon. X

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To be honest I would say if you need the antibiotics then take them weather it would effect your starting chance on ivf or not. I know ivf takes over your life and how hard it is to just want to get started but most important is your health. If you have a bad infection that your body can't get rid of naturally then surely your better of taking them and getting yourself better and back to 100 percent.

If your that worried though ring your clinc for advice. 

Hope you feel better soon x


I would call your fertility clinic. Will you have finished the course before starting injections? I definitely wouldn't worry if this was the case.


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