Bored of needles now

I was on such a high when I started doing my gonal f.  I was feeling very proud of myself as to how well I've coped with the injections and how easy going it felt.  I am however now on day 8 of injections and truly fed up!! They are hurting me now and I am sick of having to stick needles in me!!  I just want this all over and done with now.  Has anyone else felt this way? Going from a high to a low so close to the end #sighs

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  • Hi tara. I did 3 rounds of iui prior to ivf so I thought it would be a breeze - wrong!! There are so many and it's totally normal to feel like this. It hurts and feels rather unfair. However the good news is as you get nearer to EC it gets easier as there is light at the end of the tunnel and seems worth it!! I tried to focus on every injection making those eggs big and strong. Good luck for your cycle. X 

  • Just keep reminding yourself why you're doing this. It is hard and at times it is natural to feel this way. You start to question it all. But keep at it, just take it one day at a time and soon hopefully you'll get the result you're working towards. It can help to get the OH involved so he feels part of it - even if that's just you announcing to him that you're heading off to do the injections.

     I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant and have to take daily heparin injections. It's just become routine now and I tell myself that if it's keeping these babies alive I'll do anything! You're almost there, stay positive. x

  • Aww thank you so much for your encouraging words.  It does get frustrating but as you said I am going to keep reminding myself of why I am doing this and fight on! My OH is fantastic, he's actually been doing the injections bless him but even still I feel frustrated when it comes to "needle time" lol.  Not long to go now though!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! X

  • Hi Tara 

    I so get where you are coming from - I have just worked out that including tonight's injections I have now injected myself 42 times - and of those I only managed to make myself bleed on both sides -  tonight!!!

    Had second scan today after a week on gonal f and have to keep injecting this weekend and back for another scan on Monday - hoping to have EC on either Wednesday or Thursday next week so I guess after over a month of 'ohh, its 7.30pm time to inject' by next week hopefully it will have all been worthwhile 

    Honestly I have been fine doing the injections and actually looked forward to 7.30pm everyday as it is another step closer - I found putting everything into my diary - what time I have injected, what side Buserelin and what side Gonal F has given me some sort of feeling of control over the whole thing!

    All the best and I guess we just have to keep going hoping for the best possible outcome :)

    Holly x

  • Wow u have done incredibly well.  I couldn't deal with injecting that many times! I got my EC tomorrow...Eeeek!! It's all feeling very real now.  Feeling anxious about the next phase and how I'm gonna cope with the next phase of waiting, the dreaded 2ww!! Is it really 2 weeks for ICSI? All the best for your EC xx

  • Hi Tara

    I am on the long protocol so started down regging on the 4th April and had to do that for 25 days before my lining was thin enough to then start stimms. Tonight will be the 10th gonal f injection then tomorrow I am back at ACU to check on my follicles, which have hopefully multiplied and grown!

    How exciting, I am expecting EC either wednesday or thursday this week - do you know how many follicles you have and how was the trigger injection? - to be honest I am more worried about that injection than anything else!

    I am so worried that we will not get any fertilisation that I would be so happy to get to the 2ww - I know that sounds mad but I am worried that my eggs will not fertilise with my DH's sperm... that is completely out of my hands I know so I have to have lots of faith and trust

    All the very best of look for EC tomorrow, let us know how you get on :)

    Holly x

  • They told me I have roughly 18 eggs to be collected but 10 of which seemed ready to go.  The trigger injection was absolutely fine it was no different to the gonal f.  Same size needle and I had to take mine at 8.25pm.  I will let you know how EC goes tomorrow x

  • Hi Tara 

    That's a fantastic amount - all the best for tomorrow and thank you for putting my mind at ease re the trigger shot :)

    Holly x

  • Hi Tara,

    am just going through my first round of ICSI and I so agree with you. Having to do the injections was hell. I was glad when I finished. I the end they really hurt and the stress of it all completely exhausted me. I think you're allowed to feel sorry for yourself a bit, the whole thing is not a pleasant process. I mean, everyone tells me to buck up and think of the possible outcome, remote though it may be, but I think you are allowed to feel that its hard and that you are putting yourself through a lot.

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