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Stopping meds cleaxane and Prognoyva

Hi ladies

I am in the 8th week and counting of my pregnancy.

Anyone on here taking clexane and Prognoyva?  When did the clinic tell you to stop taking them and/or are you taking clexane right the way through?

Have my antenatal first appointment next week and not sure they can make that informed decision I just don't want anything to happen along the way... This is hard as it is 

Thanks girls xx

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Hey babe hope your OK

12 weeks I stopped ... I switched from clexane to asprin and still taking it x 


I take low dose aspirin daily, started taking it when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I used oestrogen patches and also pessaries up until I was 12 weeks pregnant then the placenta took over. It was the ivf clinic that kept me right re meds as the midwife/obstetrician didn't really want to interfere with the clinic's plan x x



So I take aspirin, clexane, Prognoyva, cyclogest, folic acid and daily pregnacare , feel like a walking pharmacy.  Just worried that the my will make me stop too early.


Oh I'm taking my multivitamin, my DHA supplement (Zita West) and my vitamin D spray every day. Have your clinic advised you when they want you to stop taking your meds? If they haven't you should give them a ring. Is it the midwife you're seeing next week? x x


For me, there was a disconnect between what the clinic wanted and what my consultant at the maternity hospital wanted. I have aps and the clinic had me on aspirin and heparin (I take innohep which is similar to clexane) but they expected me to stop the heparin at 12 weeks or so but they did give me enough prescription to keep me going until my hospital appointment. My consultant at the maternity hospital has kept me on the aspirin and heparin for the whole pregnancy. So I wonder if you could do the same - get enough prescription to keep you going until you're handed over to the hospital?


Oh and my consultant has also kept me on high dose folic acid for the whole pregnancy, which surprised me. It's important for baby in first 12 weeks but then after that it benefits you. I'm like you, I wish I had shares in some of these Pharma companies, as I'm also on eltroxin, Pregnacare, iron supplements, omega-3.....but it's all for a good reason!


I've been told I need to take clexane for the whole of the pregnancy and then for 6 weeks after but I've not yet been given it and not recieved the date for my 12 week scan. I feel a bit adrift after the wonderful 1 to 1 care from my clinic to now just the normal midwife. Also on cyclogest and prognovya but my clinic has told me to cut these down from week 11 then stop at week 12.  


I have emailed my clinic as they are abroad but they still give great aftercare mostly.  The midwife spot is next week and scan n June have been having private scans as if I didn't would be in a mental home by now.  Still spitting brown but hopefully that's not to worry about.

I will see what the midwife says but probably take lead from the clinic hopefully they realise these are not normal pregnancy and take a little more time to evaluate.

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