Question re pregnancy test

Just a quick question - I'm booked in for my test a week Monday and just wanted to know do they tell you there and then or do you get a phone call later that day ? I'm due to go to work straight after and am just so nervous/excited depending which way the news goes so wanted to be prepared as don't want to turn up to work upset if it's not good news  , so might look to book the day off worst case... 

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  • Haven't yet got to that stage... But everyone I know who has got the call later that morning/lunch. Good luck! x

  • Hi usually I go in early for a beta blood test around 8.30 and usually get mine back by phone call just after lunch. Each clinic may be different tho xx 

  • My clinic only gave me a hpt and then I was to get back to them to say whether it was a positive or a negative. Maybe you could take a test in the morning before going to the hospital, just to be prepared for the result they will likely give you anyway. Fingers crossed for good news!

  • My clinic was a bring a sample of early morning urine with me test rather than blood test and we were told on the spot.  I think for blood tests they have to process it so the phone call would come later.  Good luck!

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