ICSI research trial - hyaluronic acid?

Hello everyone,

Need some advice please! I've been given info about participating in research for icsi where they use a natural substance hyaluronic acid to select the best sperm.  Just unsure about this, apparently it is widely used in Europe with great results and the aim is to reduce risk of birth defects and disabilities through poor choice of sperm.   Has anyone done this? Anyone had ICSI with no complications following birth? Tara x

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  • We have also signed up to take part in this on our next treatment, figured it couldn't do any harm and if it helps pick the best sperm, i think it has to be a positive x

  • Yeah we had the same thoughts really.  I guess we were more keen as there is no tampering with the embryo.  It is literally a method to select better quality sperm.  All the best for your next treatment x

  • You too. Is your clinic in Manchester? X

  • I'm at Oxford

  • We did this for ours, all our eggs fertilised and im 6 weeks pregnant. The nurse said they use it in a lot of clinics already but wanting to use it in nhs but have to do a big study to see if worth it. She said they always pick the best by eye too whether its binded to the ha or not. If you are unsure they are really nice and wont mind xx

  • Wow congratulations that's really good news! We are definitely going to consider this! Thank you x

  • I've been receiving treatment in Professor Zech's clinic in Bregenz, Austria and in specific cases they use hyaluronic acid (see 6.8. PICSI on ivf.at/en-us/behandlung/künstlichebefruchtung.aspx). I'm extremely impressed the professionalism in this clinic and know they are very up-to-date with procedures used. I had 14 eggs and 12 reached blastocyst stage; in a previous clinic only half did. I'm now pregnant. Good luck.

  • I had what sounds like a similar treatment with my ICSI and we got 7/9 fertilised with 4 going to blasto and a successful implant on first attempt (3 now frozen for future attempts). My clinic were really excited about the potential for this treatment.  Having said we had it we signed up for the trial but they won't tell us whether we were in the control group or test group until after the trial has finished (though I think we were in the trial as my hubby was called to give his sample far earlier than other dads were doing). Good luck!

  • Just reading up on this myself as we've been asked to take part too (Liverpool clinic) and I am undecided so far. Does the embryologist still inject the sperm into the egg, it's just that the solution 'picks out' the better sperm for them?

  • Hi, yes if you are doing ICSI the whole procedure remains the same.  The only difference is how sperm is selected through the solution before transfer to egg.  For some reason the solution helps the embryologist to identify the stronger/healthier sperm because it attracts the better ones.  Hopes this helps?

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