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Hi all. I haven't posted on here for some time. But keeping up wiv everyone lovely positive stories. 

So I have just had my 3rd failed IUI, and we had 2 IVF before which all ended before I got to my test date. Is this normal? Esp when my periods are always so normal and last 28-30 days. But when on treatment it comes 3-5 before by test date. What's going on? My clinic after The after the 2

IVF said we should go straight to egg donor as I have old eggs, which means quality isn't great. Any advice or thoughts I would be so grateful. I feel so lost 

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  • Hi 

    I am going through the same at the first ivf cycle due to test on Tuesday but heavy bleed and clotting so didn't even manage to get to test date. I didn't think I would of started a period either as my cycle is always spot on!! Maybe speak with your clinic/nurse and ask them about it!! Can't give you advice on donor eggs but ask your clinic for some advice on this and do your research. Wish you all the best!!  Keep strong but as for you to go through all the above and still to keep going sounds like your a pretty amazing lady!! Keep the faith and all the best!! Xx

  • Hiya hon

    I am sorry for your pain.

    Today I am pregnant and lucky... I am telling you this not to rub salt in as I don't even know if everything is ok but it's all because of DE....

    History, 18 told I was infertile, both tubes blocked, 2 x natural pregnancy and 1 x eptopic lost left tube. 1 x NHS cycle over 20 years ago BFN

    3 x private funded fresh cycles 2014 x 1 bfn, may 2015 bfn & October 2015 bfn despite having not so bad eggs but I was 40/41.

    After pain and heartbreak said enough is enough financially crippled we said that's it... I wasn't ready to finish so researched DE abroad. 3 months later found donor, clinic and match even with odd blood group and another few thousand later flew back home to a BFP even though I am on early stages today I AM PREGNANT 5w2d....I never looked back

    PM me if you want details. 

  • Thanks both. I'm only 32 so want to find out as much as possible before DE. If that's the path we need to go down them so be it. But just want to be clear I have tried everything first.

    If anyone has been in simpler possible with AF starting earlier than due dates. Please let me know. Xx

  • Lovely girl, I'm very sorry for you. Unfortunately we aren't experts here. This is so very strange about your treatment results. I mean why this all looks so similar for you in all the cases. And I'm a little bit confused your fertility clinic doesn't give their explanation  on what it might be. Well, if your eggs are old as they say now, it was still possible for them to get fertilized and create embryos for your cycles. I think they have to study the reason why your peas fail to survive further. This is the point! Even though this might be egg donation for you to be the next step then won't the story repeat if they don't find out the reason??! My hun, I'm passing de ivf right now in Biotexcom, Ukraine, so have plenty of things to share if you would like to hear. But the inner part of me says you should get 2nd and even 3rd point of view. Try to go to another expert, better 2 ones. Listen to how they comment on it. I guess this might help you to make up the right decision. I'm praying for you and fell free to ask whatever you'd like to know if this is finally DE route for you. Hugs, hun Xx

  • Thank you. I feel the same if we even use egg donor will it survive. I'm going to call my clinic next week for a consultancy appointment and demand for more answers. Thank you feel like I'm not going mad so that really helps. Good luck with your IVF. Keep me posted x 

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