Bfp 👍🏻

Hi ladies, I got my bfp last Monday, my test day should have been the wed but I got impatient and thought sod it, what will be will be. I couldn't believe it when the blue line appeared! I'm still in shock now!

I genuinely didn't think it had worked.

I just wanted to share in the hope it will give others hope and positivity. This was our first attempt, I feel so so lucky but also scared to get excited as its been such a long journey.

I wish everyone going through this so much luck! 😘❤️ Xx

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  • Congrats x

  • Yay thanks brilliant news you must be so so happy:)

  • Thank you! Yes soo so happy, just don't want to get ahead of myself yet 😊 Xx

  • Congrats 🎉🎉

  • Lovely news congratulations 💗💙💗💙

  • Congratulations Hun I know the feeling I am a few days away from

    Bring 3 weeks pregnant and it still

    Don't feel real. I just keep praying that everything ok.

  • Ah congratulations to you too! That's fab! It's just another waiting game isn't it! I've got a scan booked for 30th and it feels like a life time! fingers crossed for us both xx

  • Congratulations what lovely news. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Xx

  • Brilliant news. Thanks for sharing and giving us all hope xx

  • Congratulation xx

  • Congratulations xxx I'm afraid the wait for the first scan is far worse than the 2 week wait x x try to stay positive xx

  • Oh I know I've got 3 weeks to wait and already impatient!! I've got two pregnancy tests just to make sure haha! xx

  • I did one a week till scan day! Crazy xxx

  • Aw totally not crazy! How far along are you? How far were you when you had your scan!

    It's so hard to believe isn't it xx

  • I had to wait till 8 weeks and 1 day! Took forever. Amazing but so scared my bubble was going to burst. I am 10 weeks 4 days now x☺ I was proper stressed as I didn't have any sickness, but it was all good. Don't worry if you don't have many symptoms, not everyone does. Now realise it was a blessing x x

  • Oh wow, is it an internal scan? Il be nearly 8 weeks. I bet you felt relieved afterwards! I've not felt ill either just got huge sore boobs!! 😁 Xx

  • Yes internal scan. Just like the scan to check your ovaries and eggs x didn't hurt at all. So relieved and emotional xxx wishing you the best of luck xxx

  • Congratulations!! 🎇🎉

  • Hi ladies. I'm due to take a test on Wednesday and haven't had any symptoms - did any of you before taking a test?

    P.s. Congratulations xxx

  • Aww good luck for wed! I had a few cramps in the 1st week then just sore boobs. Not everyone gets symptoms though. Got everything crossed xxx

  • Thank you!xx

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