Clearblue of first response?

So I'm going to cave and embrace my control freak instincts by testing the day before my OTD which is this coming Friday!! Anyone know which is best, I've heard some people swear by first response as they have an earlier detection??

Please let me know if you have any experience of this, last time I bought a pregnancy test was about 10 years ago

πŸ™Š xx

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  • I used clear blue digital. X

  • Thanks Sgreen, did it show positive on your OTD? Hope your scan went well xx

  • We got told our first attempt had failed after our first bloods but to do a test one week later so I did as I was told and it came back 1-2 weeks pregnant we are now 8 weeks 2 days and can't wait to get to 12 weeks and then I guess we will nerves until 20 weeks and probably for the rest of our lives but isn't that what we all want, I can't wait 😁😁 good luck fingers crossed for you xx

  • I used clear blue digital with one of those indicators which tells you how many weeks you are. I tested 9dp5dt and it came up BFP 1 - 2 wks. I used the second test a couple of days later (day before OTD) and it had increased to 2 - 3 weeks which I found comforting. I have heard some people say that first response is more accurate though. Good luck

  • Thanks Lynn, I might have to buy a couple of each πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Hi i used first response ,, as i was searching one of the threads everyone was saying first response dust...πŸ‘Ά!!!

  • Yeah a lot of people swear by first response, hopefully we both get BFP's xx

  • I hate Clearblue digital- that 'Not Pregnant' screen is so harsh. First Response 6 days Early picked up my BFP when Clearblue digital didn't. Good luck!

  • Yeah that would be a slap in the face having the stick say Not pregnant lol. Hope you and your twins are doing well πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά xx

  • Hi,

    I used First Response 9dp5dt at 6pm in the evening and got my BFP straight away! Good luck xx

  • Thanks Anjel, I've bought a twin pack just in case πŸ˜‰ did you have any pregnancy symptoms when you tested? Hope everything's going smoothly with your pregnancy xx

  • Hi JoJo,

    I didn't really have any symptoms, only tender boobs which I already had anyway from the drugs. Morning sickness kicked in at 5w+3 and now I feel awful with morning sickness that lasts 24/7! However, I'm not complaining as I know it's a good sign but I do feel terrible. I have my confirmation scan tomorrow morning, Eeeek! xxx

  • Eeeeeeek good luck for the scan tomorrow xx

  • Hope you are hanging in there ok. I found the last part of the 2ww truly horrendous, I couldn't sleep or concentrate on anything and I drove myself mad. I found a couple of hypnosis tracks on you tube really useful and I'm still using them now to help me when I get anxious.


  • Thanks Anjel, I will use these videos later 😌 I'm finding this second week awful, trying to distract myself but its always on my mind. Let me know how your scan goes tomorrow xx

  • I used first response and a clear blue digital! I needed strength in numbers! Good luck x

  • Haha i like your thinking, may need another trip to boots πŸ˜ƒ hope you're doing well.xx

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