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FET whilst breastfeeding

Hi. Does anyone have any info about doing a medicated FET and breastfeeding. Looking at going for baby number 2 (our first conceived through ICSI) but I'm still feeding mostly at night and my little man doesn't seem anywhere near ready to stop. My clinic is being vague about giving advice this far and everything online seems to point toward stopping three months before treatment. Anyone else been through this? Thx.

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I am having ICSI while bfing. Many more on a Facebook group I'm in have done FET and there's loads of info on there. Have your periods returned? If not you'd needed to do medicated FET rather than natural cycle but otherwise there are many success stories. Some have not told their clinic they're still bfing. Facebook group is called Breastfeeding Mums undergoing fertility treatment/IVF. Join us. 


Hi. Thanks for this. The clinic recommended medicated as my period is not very regular. Have been getting it for 3 months now. Tried to find the group you suggested on facebook but can't seem to locate it. X


Oops... Never mind. Just found it. Xxx

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Hi denang.  You need to speak to your clinic about this, for if you need to have a medicated FET then your little man will be taking in hormones.  Sounds like you've given him huge support with your breast feeding, so try not to beat yourself up too much should you have to stop.  Hope all goes well with the FET.  Diane


Very few fertility drugs affect the nursling. There should be no reason to wean unless your child and you are ready. Breastfeeding Network's Drugs In Breastmilk Information Service can reply to specific questions. A factsheet is due to be developed but the lead pharmacist is currently working on other projects. She plans to get to it soon. Many mums don't tell their clinic they are still breastfeeding because they will be told to wean. It's important given the low ART success rates for some mothers that they continue to feed their existing child. Many would regret having weaned if treatment was unsuccessful. 


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