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Another negative

I've just finished my 4th transfer with a negative.

I've had 3 cycles of Ivf the first 2 cycles we ended up with 3 embryos only 2 making it on each cycle and 2 put back in on day 2, on are third cycle we had 4 embryos 2 put back in on day 2 only 1 of the remaining embryos making it to be frozen all embryos were of good quality but all ended in negative tests. We've just done a natural frozen cycle with a 5AB quality embryo which has also resulted in a negative.

A little bit about me had my tubes clipped in 2009 due to ectopic and hydrosalpinx. Low AMH slightly raised FSH also diminished ovarian reserve, I have secondary infertility. Had my son from a previous relationship when I was 19 no problems.

My husband has no issues.

Advice needed is what to do now, or what should I be asking my consultant???

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So sorry for your pain at the BFN...

I wont bore you with my background but, I am now 41 was diagnosed with infertility @ 18 ( long story) didn't bother me then as I wasn't with the right person docs told me then the only way to have a child would be IVF, went on to have 3 m/c with 1 being an eptopic then no pregnancy for the next 11 years nothing at all.  From that point when I met my fiance we decided that we wanted a child together but after 4 rounds of fresh privately funded cycles using own eggs they all were BFN.

We decided that the heartbreak and strain of the continuous drugs and negatives were too much so we went along our merry way.

Later decided to try one more time with donor eggs and today even though we have the longest way to go we got our BFP @ 9dp5dt.

Think about using a donor it is hard to get around but at the end of the day it will be your baby.  Greece have a policy of no disclosure only to the medical records.  

Private message me if you have any questions

Wishing you loads of luck xxxxx 



Have they advised you what to do next? Maybe tests to give you peace of mind? It's good to talk xx


I know a lady who used donor eggs, they went to Spain again no disclosure to medical records and they had there baby in November and they couldn't be happier. Her job was carrying him and if she hadn't he wouldn't be here so just as much as important as the egg and she is so pleased she decided to do it and has only told people she can trust.


Hi catybr.  I can send you my list of questions to go through before you go back for your consultation if you want.  If you email me in confidence at dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send it to you.  Diane


Sorry for your BFN especially having gone through so much. 

You dont say how old you are and I'm sure you're aware of how difficult it is, even with IVF, when you are older etc etc (I wont bore you!). There are a couple of things I would advise if you are going to have a follow up appt - with secondary infertility a quite common issue is immune issues - your first pregnancy is fine but latter ones end in miscarriage or implantation failures. So you may want to research tests for immune issues, such as Natural Killer Cells, Antiphospholipid antibodies etc. The treatment for this is quite simple and you can find out more by Googling. 

As Tamtam1 replied - donor egg is an option and it can take some time to get your head around it and it isnt a decision to take lightly. However, it can be very successful, especially if you are in your late 30s as egg donors are in the 20s. There are a number of resources such as the Donor Conception Network, the INUK, speaking with a fertility coach or Counsellor. As already pointed out, in Greece and Spain (and probably other European countries) the donors are anonymous, so if this is important to you, you may want to look into these countries rather than consider the UK. Or you may have a young relative/friend who will donate their eggs. There are a number of options and you do need to be comfortable with it. I know a number of families that are a result of egg donation and they all say their children are their children, totally and utterly - they have their mothers mannerisms in many cases and the baby born following donor egg is a very different baby that would have actually been born to the donor, had she got pregnant with that egg.

Hope this helps and wishing you lots of luck xx

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