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Spotting cycle before IVF advice?

Just looking for some advice I've been told to start my medication when my next period arrives. However since my last period I have been spotting continually for about fourteen days. This isn't unusual for me don't know if it is linked to low AMH but I do find this happens sometimes. However I'm obversely worried it might delay my period significantly or it might be a problem with womb lining it also makes it difficult to pin point beginning of my cycle. I am going to ring the clinic tomorrow morning but I wondered if anyone has experienced something similar and has any advice! Feeling a little frustrated with my body at the minute! Ha xxxxx

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I always spot before my period- I put it down to my endometriosis. It's usually about 5 days before my period starts fully. The clinic told me to count the first day of proper flow as day 1 so I did that. While I had to take the downregging drugs a little longer than I anticipated to get the living thin, I don't think the spotting had any impact. Good luck to you! Xxx




Thanks that's great I also have endometriosis but interestingly hadnt put the spotting down to that. That's good to know it didn't affect your womb lining that was my biggest concern! Xxx


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