Worried!!! Day 5 and ive got bloody mucuse worried sick and advise pls!!!!

Hi today  am 5days post ET with a 5 day blastercyst..but ive started to get bloody mususe and also just experainced sorry to be graffic but i just been to toilet and when i wiped there was a pea size grayish bloody loke ball of somethin am panickin like crazy any advise...got a feeling this means its not worked 😭

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  • Hi,

    I haven't had that but just try to keep as calm as you can it could just be the way your body reacts and all is ok. I would call you consultant/nurses that's what they are there for. Keeping calm is most important to you at this stage and I wish you lots of luck xx

  • Thnk u so much for ur msg really appreciate it..good luck to u to hunnie xx

  • Hi,Β 

    I have experienced this after all of my ETs. I remember thinking how weird it was because of the greyish colour and because it was like a lump.Β 

    I really don't think it's anything to worry about, I came to the conclusion ( although I'm not 100% sure ) that it was due to the progesterone gel. I found Crinone particularly unpleasant as it used to clump and then for my last 2 cycles I used Cyclogest. I think it could just be a progesterone gel build up or the way it reacts with your womb lining or perhaps some tissue from the womb lining itself ( from the procedure maybe ).Β 

    Do ask your clinic to put your mind at rest but I wouldn't worry too much.Β 

    Hope everything is ok and lots of luck for a positive outcome xx

  • Hi thnks 4 ur reply at any time have u had spottin tho as now today ive started spottin 😟

  • No I never had spotting but could be implantation spotting so could be a good sign.Β 

    Hang in there and don't give up hope xxΒ 

  • Thnk u hun for ur reply am really wantin 2 believe its a good sign but carnt see how spotting can be a good sign at day 7 just wish it was tue for my test my test day was monday but due to bank holz have 2 be on tue xx

  • I know how you feel, the last few days are the worst and there is little you can do to take your mind off it or relax. It's a very stressful and anxious time. Just be around the people you love and take any comfort you can from them.

    Still wishing you lots of luck and have my fingers crossed for you.Β 


  • It may be to do with implantation, I had pinkish blood when wiping. Try not to worry but keep an eye out if anything changes. Best of luck x

  • Thats whts had me worried this morning as ive now got pinkish blood when am wiping x

  • Thank u all so much for ur replys i spoke 2 my nurse who said its all just musus frm the build up of the cyclogest..but to day i have spotting so not convinced and cant speak 2 them 2day as there closed now untill tuesday the say of my blood test for resultsΒ 

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