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Partner with Crohn's

Hi, I am new to this as I have just found out that my partner has Crohn's disease. He has been unwell for just over a year now- we got the confirmed diagnosis yesterday.

We had a miscarriage in April 2015 and have been TTC since then with no results. Is there anyone else in the same boat? Does anyone know if Crohn's affects male fertility? He is not on any meds yet so its not that.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi KatieOR,

I have been ttc for the past 10 years.

I have been with my OH for 3 years and he suffers from crohns.

I don't know if crohns affects male reproduction but I would love to hear back from you regarding how you and your partner are getting on.

Good luck x

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Hi Katie, my husband also suffers badly with chrons, and I was convinced that after having 4 miscarriages that they could have been caused by all the medication he was on, however, how wrong I was! After countless tests the issues are with myself and not my husband. In actual fact his sperm count was over 4 times the minium requirement so he was proud as punch to have super sperm, we wondered if this was down to the steriods he was on! After my 3rd miscarriage of which I had a D&C I agreed for the foetus to be tested. This resulted in niether of us having chromosome issues, so the reasons for my miscarriages are all down to me, diagnosed with sticky bloody syndrome, high natural killer cells and fluid in both my tubes of which 2 weeks ago I had to have them removed and soon to start ivf. It id difficult having to deal with your own ferility issues and having a partner effected by chrons, if you need any support or advice then please message me. You are not alone :) x


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