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Over...or implantation bleeding


Looking for some positive vibes! I'm 9dp3dt and had 2 grade ones put back, I've had some spotting today - it was bright red, but only in the space of about an hour and it was only when I wiped twice when I went to the loo (not on the pad). I'm Using pessaries.

Does this sound like implantation bleeding or is it over? Anyone had this and still had a positive? This is our second cycle of icsi ivf.

Thank you xx

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Hey Marita

Hang in there, as long as it didn't continue you should be OK. Plenty of girls have bleeds and still get bfp.

Take it easy, don't lift anything heavy, no housework etc. Relax as much as possible.

Hoping and praying for you


Hold out until test day before you start thinking the worst. I had a similar experience at 4.5 weeks, and again at 18 weeks. Bright red each time but not a huge amount and no cramping or anything. Babies are fine, I'm at 22.5 weeks now. Bleeding is very common, it seems!


Yes me too. I bled the day before test day so I was convinced we were out. However the next day - BFP from ICSI. I have bled off and on throughout this pregnancy and currently 31 weeks so an early scan can help determine where you may be bleeding from. I had a smallish blood clot. Keep positive xx

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Thank you for your replies girls - rolling test day on Saturday xxx


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