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Getting hot after two week wait


I have a question I hope you can help me with. I know I shouldn't get hot during the 2 week wait so not hot baths and I'm taking time off work, I work as a chef and although it's not too crazy there are times I'm hotter than I want to be and don't think it's worth the risk. But my question is, I do my pregnancy test on Sunday 20th March, and back to work the day after, if it's positive should I still avoid heat for the first 12 weeks? Are there any guidelines you can advise me of? Many thanks in advance

Maria x

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I was sweating like a trooper in my last 2ww. It's not really signs of anything as on all 3 occasions it was a negative. However with that said each of our bodies are different l.

Wishing you luck xx


Hi Maria. I can understand your anxieties, but you are doing everything correctly. You can’t avoid your work environment, but try and take your breaks away from the “kitchen” if possible. Hopefully, if all is OK and you are pregnant, then your embryo will be safely tucked away in your womb, as it is now, and will be governed by your natural body temperature, so no worries there, unless you develop a fever for some reason. Good luck! Diane

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Hey, try not to worry! I live in Spain where it's hitting up to 30degrees alot of the year. Fingers and toes crossed xx


Thanks for your responses, I'll try to relax!! X


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