Another mothers day passes me by 😣

Morning ladies

Today me and Hubby are having some us time going for a drive out and just spending some time together. I won't see my mum today as she is 150 miles away!! And having a day off Facebook whilst everyone is congratulating each other on being the most perfect mothers or sending prayers for those whose mothers are no longer here what about the people on this journey longing to be mothers??. I know it sounds very selfish of me but for me another mothers day passes for me without me having my own precious child!! Definitely having a day down day today. Sorry for the selfish rant!!!! Hoping plenty of fresh air and a day off from the what if but's and maybe(s) why and when will do me some good!!! Xx

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  • i know exactly what you mean honey! I had my first and only attempt at ivf fail last Thursday and now cannot even go around my own mum as i totally blame her for me being infertile! she allowed the doctors to carry out several operations on me when i was younger that left me infertile and now i keep crying all the time telling her i just dont want to be here if i cant be a mum! I have not eaten anything for 3 days just cant pull my self together how ever much i try! it's so hard knowing your dreams have been snatched away from you when you was to little to speak for yourself! :( i hate everyone and everything at moment just had enough i think! xxxx

  • Oh liz don't ever give up hope sweet there is and will always be away for us to be mothers sometimes we just have to face the struggles that go with that. Me and Hubby have discussed every other possible route to become parents if our first cycle does not work but I cannot think about it at the moment!!! Sometimes I think outside people do not understand the severe emotional pain and scares of this journey we go through to become parents!! Chin up sweet one day we will get there don't know how long it will take but we will one way or another xxx

  • Facebook is the most evil place today. x

  • Hope and Liz

    Big hugs to you both

    Aaah, there are advantages living in Spain. It's not mother's day here!!!! ;)

    On the up side, I know everyone feels differently but I really really miss my mum.

    She's visiting in a couple of weeks

    I'm day 10 of implanting and day 30 of my cycle with af threatening at every moment


    I am still thankful for a great mum, those of you whose mums are close enough should give them a hug.

    I'd love love to pop in the car and have a brew and a cuddle

    Remember how much we want to be mums liz1985, how much we love our little beans and in most cases we don't have them yet. Think of out own mums, I've no doubt they feel it pain as much as we do even if they cannot possibly fully get it :)

    I have no doubt they would never wish this situation on us

    My dad abandoned us and was a complete coward, my mum did everything, she's amazing.

    Living away for years I always remember, make sure you let the people you love know you love them, it could be the last time.

    Big hugs to everyone xx

  • It's rubbish feeling like this. Today rubs our faces in the fact that we have difficulties conceiving.

    I had hoped that this year I'd be a mum or be pregnant but after 3 rounds of IVF and 2 miscarriages from natural conceptions I've got to accept that I'm not going to be a mum. That makes this year worse than last year as our dream is over.

    I'm cooking Sunday lunch for my mum, dad and mother in law, hubby is away this weekend so no-one to moan to before putting on the show face. At least cooking and housework as kept me busy and the mothers' day adverts will disappear after today.

    Enjoy your day with hubby.

  • Had a nice day enjoying some fresh air now for a home cooked Sunday dinner fire lit and cuddles and film with the furbabies (my 2 dogs) xx

  • Glad you had a nice time out. My guests have gone now so time to catch up on some reading and TV before hubby gets home.

  • Aaah furbabies rock. We adopted a cocker poodle mix just over a year and a half ago. He's my favourite person in the whole world. Gives great cuddles too.

  • He he I've started downton Abby. How addictive, never watched it before. Thinking we should all time travel to the 1920s. All the girls do is smile and have a quicky and they get pregnant!

  • They listen to all my problems lol and give the best cuddles xx

  • That's true, and they seem to know. What type are yours?

  • Labrador molly who is 6 years old but is a total big baby and Alfie the collie who is 10 x

  • Aaah great names xx

  • We have a cockerpoo aswell he's a star, so well behaved and funny. Love him to bits x

  • Aaah I wouldn't be without mine, best thing we did was adopting him x

  • I spent the day with my gorgeous mum and my 94 year old Grandma perfect. Now home for cuddles with my furbaby 🐾🐾

  • Aaah button sounds lovely x grandmas are great, my gran and grandad were fab.

  • She's an absolute star such a good Sense of humour still. I am very lucky πŸ’—

  • Enjoyed reading this thread! Felt it hard yesterday also because it was the day before I start the next attempt at fet. I have been thinking about adopting a fur baby too, and after reading this thread I have decided that yes I will! Thank you ladies for the extra push in the right direction and sending you lots of hugs. People that haven't suffered infertility have no idea what we go through. X

  • Having a furbaby is the best thing ever they become your family xx

  • The other plus point of fur babies, is when they buy you Mother's Day cards! Xxx

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