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Petition for equal IVF opportunities through Nhs

Hey all

Firstly I just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow. It's another difficult day when suffering fertility issues so I hope you all have a little courage and kindness for yourselves!

The petition was doing so very well but sadly as these things do has come to a bit of a halt. So please sign if you agree, are experiencing this, or know someone who is experiencing funding issues. Also just as importantly if we can share this with as many people as we know then hopefully government will at least acknowledge the matter.

All my best to you all

Sam xxxx


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Thank you Sam, such an important petition. Xx


Thank you so much daisy Mae xxx


Hi - it is a very important petition. Is the description able to be amended? A little re-write could make this really push up the numbers. XxX


I've shared on Facebook : )


Thank you so very much keekee that's really kind of you xxx

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Signed and shared with my family xx


Thank you dearly DM886 xxx


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