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Failed FET

Hi ladies,

First time I've ever written on one of these forums and was looking for advice. I've just tested after a 2ww from my first ever FET and it was negative. I wasn't wondering does anyone know how quick we can do it again? I've got another frozen embryo and just want to try the next one now. We did the IVF treatment in October but there was a high risk I'd develop OHSS due to having 39 eggs taken so they refused to put the fertilised embryos (2in the end) back in until I'd had 2 periods. After all this waiting I just want to try the other embryo now. Does anyone know if it's hospital dependant? Am I able to an FET straight away or will they make me have a break? I'm not ovulating either so I will have to have a stimulated transfer. Anyone either been through similar or got any advice?


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I know it's really hard, and a long process but I recommend not rushing into the next round and allowing your body to be in optimum health.

In some American clinics they won't put fresh embryos back in and they freeze the lot due to the impact the drugs can have on the women's body.

They then put the embyros back after a cycle or two and the body is in a more natural state.

As you've had ohss it sounds a good idea youve had a few cycles. I'd recommend following advice from your clinic. Long term it will give you the best shot xx


Thanks Emma. I just want to get back on the band wagon as it were. I feel like I've been waiting so long.


Hi Potty83. Best to have that break after suffering OHSS. Need to get your body back to normal. They will get you going again as soon as possible, I'm sure. Good luck with the next transfer. Diane


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