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can someone help me

hi I am looking in to iui and only no what I have read on the net about it I have been to my doctor and he didn't no nothing about iui as I was told ivf was the only way I would have a child then I find this witch has given me hope that I mite have a baby one day I have only had a blood test as my doctor is rubbish but they came back fine my husband does have lazy sperm and after trying for 5 years nothing has happened he is has to give another sample next week and then I will asked to be sent to a fearitilly clinic but I am over weight and that is the reason I cant have ivf even tho I lost 6 stone and was told to go away as I couldn't lose the last bit to get my bmi to 30 and from that I have put weight back on and I am worrying about getting my hopes up and it coming down to me being fat and I wanted to no if anyone can tell me if there is a weight limit for this as I don't want to carry on thinking there is hope just to be slaped down

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Hi, I've got my appointment to discuss my iui dates on Monday. If you can wait a couple days I can certainly tell you what they say about the process. About weight, they did check my bmi to see it was under 30. That was a Manchester clinic. Not sure if they all the same though?


Hi Pudding

My other half also has low sperm movement and low count so we have been referred to the fertility clinic and ICSI was recommended for us. This is a form of IVF whereby they inject the sperm into the egg in the hope it will fertilise in an incubator which is then returned back to the womb to hopefully develop. I obviously cant say this will be the same for you but IUI wouldnt have worked for us and they didnt think normal IVF would work for us either. The weight limit in our clinic is also a BMI of udner 30.

Good luck on your journey.


Hi pudding11. So sorry to hear that you are feeling rejected because you have a weight problem. I’m afraid that gone are the days when it was not such an issue. Unfortunately, if you are attending an NHS clinic/hospital – for any illness or complaint – not just fertility issues, then they are bound by the “NICE Guidelines and CCG ((Clinical Commissioning Group)” contracts re patients’ BMI. The reason is just that it makes it easier for the doctor to carry out procedures, plus safer for yourself when you get pregnant, and for baby during pregnancy and delivery – plus should you need a general anaesthetic! I am certain that you are doing everything that you can to lose weight, but whatever you are doing, whether at a slimming club or on your own, make sure that you are keeping a record of your losses, however small, so that you can prove you are trying. A practice nurse at your GP practice would weigh you and keep a record too, if you don’t want to join a slimming club. Swimming, if possible, is good too. If you can afford to attend one of these fitness centres, then speak to one of the advisors. He/she will be able to help you with your diet requirements and also the correct exercising that you require. Hopefully, if you can get down to a BMI of 30 or below you can get to see an infertility specialist soon. This can probably be done while you are still losing weight, but should you need IUI/IVF then you will still have to be the correct BMI. It’s good to hear that your husband has been booked to have a semen analysis done to check whether there is still a problem with “lazy” sperm. Should this still be the case, then you will probably be advised to do IVF/ICSI and not IUI, as you need lots of good “swimmers” for this to be a possibility. Try giving him a good multi-vitamin tablet with extra zinc and selenium, as this can sometimes help with the motility (the way they swim).I hope the “above” is of some help to you, and doesn’t appear to be too much of a lecture, for I too had to lose nearly 8 stone to become pregnant! Obviously, I do wish you both every success with whatever is decided for you. Diane

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