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low ovarian reserve, IUI as last resort for bad quality eggs


Hello, I went to more appointments today, after 6 mnc attempt with 4 eggs of bad quality retreived, (embryos die on day 2) our specialist adviced to go completly natural cycle with egg retreival and icsi, or to even to test IUI. I was very surprised he suggested that as some previous retrieved eggs did not fertilised without ICSI, he told me that given my very low pourcentage of succees with ivf, we have nothing to loose in thinking outside the box with IUI and leave the egg inside the fallopian tube rather than collecting it and forcing fertilisation. Has any of you recieved similar advice?

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Not me, but advice changes all the time. Good luck xx

Thank you!

I've not been in a similar situation so I don't have any advice but hopefully someone here will. Xx

Hi, yes I’ve been given similar advice. I was given choice of IUI, think I can have a few cycles of this on the NHS but only one IVF/ICSI. So we went with IVF/ICSI first then will do IUI while I wait for donor eggs to be found as that will be our next step. I’ve a list of option and crossing them off as we work our way through them: 1.IVF 2.ICSI 3.IUI 4.donor egg 5.adoption 6.fostering. We are currently on option 2. Best of luck with IUI XX

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Thanks. Best of luck to you too. Consultant told me that it wasn't a rational suggestion, more of a phylosophical one. Which means probably trying whatever is offered so we will not have regrets.

Which clinic are you doing your treatment with?

I sought advice at the CGRH in London

Have you had any karyotyping done on you or your partner? To see if you are carrying any chromosomal issues?

Yes, We have done it for me, not for my partner thought! Do you think it is necessary?

Depends on why you initially only had it done on you I guess.


Hello I'm currently at the donor eggs stage of your list. We only had 4 eggs first time 1 fertilised then disintegrated. Second time 8eggs 2 fertilised both gone by day 2. They seem to think it's egg quality so have suggested donor egg going forward. They mentioned a long protocol but said that there's only a 13% chance so I'd rather not waste my time and try a donor xxx

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From what I read, the fertilisation seems more problematic than the egg quality. Isn't the sperm more of an issue? In this fertility road, women are doing all the hard work and are often blamed where it is not so always the case. I have met consultant which rightfully are trying to dissolve the bad quality egg stigma. I think that your decision is the right one but don't forget that you are probably doing this mostly for your partner. Wishing you the best of luck and will probably start seeking advice on egg donors in one month or 2. I will keep the community updated if IUI changes the odds. Best.

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Yeh there is issues with hubbys sperm also. In order to go forward we have to change one of the gametes. With the egg making up the biggest percentage it seems the obv one to change first. It's soo expensive though xxx

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