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Confused, help

Confused, help


I`ve posted a couple of days ago but go no reply`s. So im trying again. I had a positive OPK a week after i got the first so that confused me. I took a 10mlu pregnancy test yesterday about 11am and i got a faint line after about 10-15mins, i know this could be the dreaded evaporation line. I took another test about an hour after this and BFN. Then this morning 5am a took another OPK and pregnancy test , the OPK came up positive and the pregnancy another BFN. Now i`ve just taken another pregnancy test 9.30am and another faint line, this came up about 8-10mins after. Is this another evap line and i`ve got a dodgy batch. I`m 10DPO if you count the first opk positive and cd31, age 45, ttc 18mnths, 6cycle clomid 100mg.

Take a look at the pic and give my your opinion.

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Hey hon

I don't know what to tell you. I'm no wiser than you.

Try re posting and putting it as a question on "ask the nurse". Diane is great and will be the best person to ask and give advice.

Good luck :)


If you are only 10DPO, there is nothing to do but wait and pregnancy test again in a couple of days. Waiting is so frustrating but no easy way to know by other means. No idea why the opk would be showing though x


Maybe worth getting one of the more expensive supermarket tests. I used the same ones you have for three days in a row and got quite disheartened because there was a faint line but it didn't get darker. I got a first response and got a really dark line with afternoon urine almost immediately. You can't always trust the cheapo ones...


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