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Loosing weight to qualify for IVF 😪

Hi I've not posted in a while. As I'm so short and a little overweight I have to get my BMI down to below 30. Although it's not a lot and I've already lost 10lb (half of what I need to) in the last 5 weeks, can any suggest any exercise classes to help speed up the weight loss. I work with children in nursery so I'm on the go all day but I need something to try that is enjoyable and fun as I hate the gym!

Feel as though I'm letting my partner down not being able to shift the last bit of weigh to start our first cycle!

Jade xxxx

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Hi Jade1003, well done on the 10lb loss you are doing very well! I had a high bmi a few years back and I found what helped me loose weight and mantaining the loss what to change my attitude to food. It takes time and its small things that make the difference. First I increased my water intake to between 1 and 2ltr a day. Cut out fizzy drinks and snacks. Cut out white bread. Reduce portion sizes when eating and only eat food that is beneficial to your body. I wouldnt deprive myself of a chocolate bar or anything but dont have one every day. After a while you'll start feeling better in yourself. Dont be too hard on yourself, you've come this far, you can do it!


hi Jade, Beanme is right. You have to adjust your diet too. I had 2 stone to lose before IVF and joined slimming world which was great inspiration to stay on track. Eat lots of 'speed' food. Basically all fruit and veg but don't deprive yourself the odd treat and good luck xx

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I too joined slimming world where the weight just fell off even though I was stuffing my face. Really recommend it if you've not tried x


Hi Jade I know it's not quite the same but read my post I've just posted. I feel your pain xx


When i had to loose the last 7Ib i dropped my calories to 800 per day and drunk at least 7 pints of water aday with a cup of green tea in morn and befor i slept and i danced to either linedancing or hip hop dance workouts frm youtube and i lost the 7Ib in a week..good luck babez x x x


Blimey I think uv done bloody marvellous shifting 10lbs in 5 weeks so u should be proud of yourself!! What about Zumba or something fun like that?

Keep going -u have done soooo well so far xxxx


Ah you have done so fab!! Well done :)

I would say defo something high energy, zumba, body attack etc, spinning if you like cycling to burn the calories and fat.

Could you maybe join a slimming group as well? as once the extra weight is off losing & anything on top of that is a bonus x


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