So Scared

I am a mess, my scan is on Wednesday and I am so scared, what if the same thing happens, what if the heartbeat is weak like last time, what if the sac is empty, what if I’ve had a missed miscarriage. I have woke today feeling anxious and tense giving myself a headache, I am in work and I just don’t know how I am going to concentrate these next two days. I still feel sick every day, some worse than others and I am so tired and off my food, but trying to eat. I’m taking these as good signs I just can’t help being scared and really emotional. I know these vibes are not good going through my body, I just keep saying please be there little one xxx

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  • Oh Honey, theres so much to worry about on this emotional rollercoaster!! I have everything crossed for you your symptoms sound positive ones but please try hard to eat honey and the very best of luck for you and your little one!!! xxxxxxxxx

  • Oh hon,

    What you're feeling is totally normal, don't beat yourself up about your feelings, we don't control them

    Trying to control them makes it worse

    I'm not going to tell you to relax etc as when people tell me, be positive, stop worrying if drives me to despair

    It's totally natural to worry especially after what you have been through, add in pregnancy hormones and we are a mess

    Take a deep breath, in with fresh out with old

    Talk to your baby


    If work is too much, stay off till your scan, be good to you

    This journey us like a train with lots of stops

    Until we get to the final destination we all worry

    Sending you a massive hug

    Keep in touch xx

  • It's no surprise that you're so anxious after everything you've been through! When you start to panic try to close your eyes and take nice long deep breaths as they help to calm you.

    Although miscarriage is awful the vast majority of women who experience it do go on to have healthy babies so you have every reason to be positive.

    The morning sickness and tiredness are really good signs that your little baby is using you to nourish it and help it grow.

    Wishing you all the best for your scan.

    Take care xxx

  • I would be the same and it's natural, but try to relax when you can...listen to some music and zone out.

    Eat little but often and see if ginger nut biscuits help with the feeling sick side of things.

    Have they mentioned about giving you extra scans this time round?


  • Thank you, No nothing has been said about extra scans?

  • You should ask them...after our first, the clinic said they would do more with the second positive to put our minds at ease x

  • I've had extra scans because it's an IVF baby. I was only told this when I saw my midwife just before my 12 week scan. They're closer to the end but it is reassuring! Hopefully you will get the same x

  • Good luck with your scan today Suzanne, have everything crossed for you 👍🏼 Let us know how you got on. Lots of good vibes and positive thoughts xx

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