BFN for me too 😒

It has taken me 3 days to finally accept it. Took 2 pregnancy tests - both saying negative very clearly- to confirm it on OTD and it is heartbreaking. Nothing to explain what happened or did not happen. I feel so disappointed with myself.

When all has gone so smoothly from the beginning, it is even harder to accept BFN because I have no idea what went wrong or what I did or did not do enough for the embryo not to have implanted. Especially when the Dr said it was a very good quality 5d blastocyst. It is such an emotional journey!

Now all I can do is painfully wait for my period to come and decide when we want to have a go for a second try. Thankfully we do have frozen embryos waiting so I won't need to do the injections again.

Just need to get mentally, emotionally and physically ready for the next round... Till then... Life goes on...

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  • So sorry to hear that, it's such a cruel journey.

    Take care of yourself 😘

  • Thanks Button-123. Hope all goes well for u. Xx

  • Aaah honey I'm so sorry, it's really difficult, especially the first time. I remember feeling so so positive and it was such a let down.

    Think of your first time as a practice run where the hospital get all the info for the proper next go.

    Sending you a massive hug

    PS FET is a piece of cake compared to the one you've just done. The 2ww sucks ( I'm on it now!) But the hormones are much much easier

    Sending you a huge hug and prayers xx

  • Thank You so much! Xx

  • Sorry to read this, I'm in the same boat as you with regards to not knowing what may have gone wrong. I had 2 top quality day 5 blastocysts transferred & everything seemed to be going the right way. I guess we have no control over Mother Nature.

    Let's hope our second try is all it takes!

    Take care of yourself x

  • Thank u Willo38. It is so hard not knowing! But I'm learning to accept it now. Let's hope for the best for our second try! Xx U look after yourself too! Xx

  • Sorry to hear this Hun. I know how your feeling we found out Friday too but I already had a gut feeling. It's physically and emotionally draining. Take time to look after yourself. A positive is your have frozen embryos. We do too 😊 That's what's keeping me going. We are going to let me have this period and then one more and go again and have a nice break away together in a months time.

    Thinking of u xx

  • Thanks my lovely. Seeing how positive u remain gives me strength xx u look after urself too xx

  • We had a perfect looking embryo and I got pregnant on my first attempt only for the reading to disappear ten days later and my period to arrive a week after that.

    The frozen transfer is a lot easier process to go through. Some clinics in America don't put in fresh embryos as they believe you get better results once all the hormones they've put in have left your body so they freeze everything and let everything settle before popping the embryos back in.

    We had some okay looking embryos but the first one, the embryology staff had commented on how textbook it was - however - one of the wonky looking (hatching) thawed embryos went on to become my 16 week old daughter. Don't lose hope xx

    I'd recommend the endometrial scratch a month before you have your frozen transfer. The stats from this are good (we had it) xx

  • Thank u! This really helps. Xx

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