Having my first Accupuncture session today

Thought id get some booked in . Now I don't really know what to expect I know they stick needles in me but do I have to strip off fully ? Is the room dimmed lighting like when you have a aromatherapy ?

Do they leave you laying there / standing for a while with needles in?

How will I feel after?

I'm slightly on period ( does this matter)


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  • Hi, I've had a couple of acupuncture sessions so far this ICSI cycle and found them really relaxing 😊

    For mine they put needles all over- hands, head, legs, feet and the low bikini line area so wear decent knickers lol.

    I have a towel over the bottom half and keep my top on, usually lie there for 45-60 mins and feel all floaty and calm.

    Let me know how you find it xx

  • Ok thanks better find my best knickers just incase lol. Will let you know how it goes. 😊

  • I think it depends on what needs treating. When I was going prior to IVF and still trying to regulate my natural cycle, I was lying on my back and most of the needles went in my legs, hands and - be prepared for this - between my eyes. Be honest with the acupuncturist and tell them you're doing IVF and where you are in your cycle - I.e. That you have your period. I only ever had to roll up my trousers for treatment, if you wear something loose it's best otherwise you may have to strip off. I didn't do acupuncture during IVF though, so maybe it's different but the pressure point for your ovaries is on your calf from what I remember.

  • Oh and you may feel a little light headed after so take your time getting off the bed.

  • Im ab acupuncturist and i have helped 3 ladies to conceive -it can have a very positive effect!

  • I thought it was great. I've booked 2 more and she said that the important times to go are before egg collection , the day before egg transfer and day after transfer. I forgot to ask her, but is it recommended when you are actually pregnant ?

  • There are points to avoid if you are pregnant - but then you wouldn't require acupuncture until perhaps you had backache or you wanted to bring on your labour.....

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