Barely visible 2nd line.... clutching at straws?

Barely visible 2nd line.... clutching at straws?

OK so today is test day and I have no period ...... if u really study the test strip there is a faintest of faint 2nd line is this a positive result or are we just clutching onto hope 😒 the more we look at test the more visible it becomes to us.

Is this a negative or positive result please as not sure what to tell clinic and I think it's negative

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  • It's faint but it's there! Clinic may say test again in 48hrs so you get a stronger result but I would say congratulations are in order!! X

  • We went and bought a clear blue digital that says preganant 1-2 weeks .

    So I guess that's a positive πŸ˜• x

  • See what your clinic say, but I would wait a couple of days (easier said than done!) and then retest with clear blue to see if it goes to 2-3 weeks. That way you will know your HCG levels are increasing. For me 9dp5dt gave me 1-2 weeks with clear blue (so exactly 2 weeks after EC) and then 2 days later it had gone to 2-3 weeks. Keeping everything crossed for you x

  • Thank you so levels could be low as I did suspect.

    Will expect them to say retest then or re done blood tests.... at least I'm prepared for the worst xx

  • If you didn't use first urine of the day on clear blue that could be an explanation too?

  • Will just have to keep hoping and praying thank you xx

  • I can definitely see a faint second line. How many days post transfer are you today? I would tell the hospital that there is a faint second line and see what they say. They may suggest bloods to confirm or get you to retest in a couple of days to see if it has gotten darker. There is definitely still hope that it's a BFP so stay positive! Good luck! x

  • It's my official test day today, don't know if it makes a difference that my embros where only 2 day transfer...... I'm very nervous that the line is so light πŸ˜•

    Thank you will continue hoping and praying xx

  • Can defo see a faint line x

  • Thanks xx

  • There is defiantly a faint there lovely!! Get on the phone to that clinic!! :) how everything goes well for you :) xxx

  • Thank you just sat waiting for clinic to open to give them a ring xx

  • Keep us updated :) xx

  • Will do xx

  • Oooo it there, I can definitely see it. I think you're doing the right thing by calling the clinic, they may ask you to pop in and do a blood test today and retest again tomorrow. I'm keeping everything crossed for you πŸ™ Xx

  • Thank you just have to hope and pray the levels are right when I go for blood test


  • That's definitely a line! Good luck with the clinic, keeping everything crossed! 😊 xx

  • Thank you x

  • Hello

    That definitely looks positive to me! How many days past transfer are you? That may make a difference. I had a strong second line but I didn't test until 14dp5dt.

    Hoping all goes well for you! x

  • It's 14pt but only 2 day embro.... clinic have just told me to go for new prescription I was hoping they'd say for blood test but will see what they say when we get there

    Thank you xx

  • Good luck! It does look positive and the fact it's a 2dt could definitely explain why the line is a bit faint! You just don't need the uncertainty after all you've been through! x

  • Thats what I'm pinning all my hope on at the moment. Thank you xx

  • Let us know how you get on x

  • I reckon you are going to be a positive definitely! Congrats xx

  • Thank you I have everything ctossed xx

  • You can see the second line.

    I had a very very faint second line on our last cycle.

    I told the clinic that when I called and asked if a blood test was a possibility as I was really stressing..they agreed to it, but did say it would have to be repeated...I didn't care how much it had to be repeated, I wanted to know and if they had said no, I would have gone to gp.

    Good luck x

  • They've reassured us a bit and give us more tests to do if we want they said should get a darker result in a couple of days so just staying positive and hopeful.

    Thank you x

  • Definitely a line there. Mine was faint too at 14 days and it was a 3 day. Test again using first urine of the day.

  • Thank you glad to hear mines not the only faint one you just want everything straight forward don't you , clinic have ressured us and give us another test to do if we want in a couple of days.

    Scan booked for 2 weeks time xx

  • Ahhh good luck! I can also see a definite second line! :)

  • Thank you 😊 xx

  • Everything crossed for you!, X

  • Thank you xx

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