Feeling Lost

My tubes were removed due to them being blocked. I've had one go of IVF but this wasnt working for me even though I was on the highest dose possible.

My only option now is egg donation. My friend was willing to donate for me which was fab until we just found out she can't donate for several reasons.

I'm now to be placed on the waiting list which for my area is 2.5 years approximately. I'm 37 now so I am worried I will be too old by the time a donor is available for me.

I feel at a loss and like this is the end for me. I need help. I feel like life is now over for me.

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  • It's such a tough rollercoaster of a journey, don't give up hope there are definitely options. Have you looked into private egg donation? You won't have to wait so long if you choose this route xx

  • But can I buy from private egg donation but get my NHS funded treatment to do the rest? I dont know what the rules are. I live in Scotland xxx

  • Good question, I don't know for sure but I would assume not. Diana from the network may know for sure?

    You can buy a private donor treatment plan which includes the relevant IVF drugs/process etc as one. And lots of clinics do this abroad in Europe cheaper than the UK. Its worth looking into if you can afford it xx

  • Hi thanks. Its not something i probably can afford but will deffo look into it.

    thanks for getting in touch. xxx

  • I hope you find a way to make your dreams come true, I'm 39 in 3 months and struggling to conceive, so if you can find a way to do it earlier I would definitely recommend it. xx

  • Sometimes that can be easier said than done. We have our clinic appointment next week so will see what the Nhs says

    I wish you luck and hope you conceive soon. I've wanted a family as far back as I can remember and it's hard to stay positive and believe it's ever going to happen. It's also worse when others around you get pregnant at the drop of a hat


  • Hi,

    Am not sure if it's possible, but could you look at other clinics in Scotland that don't have such a long waiting list and be referred there?

    Another option is pay privately abroad, much cheaper than the U.K., almost no waiting time. In total I paid around 6k, this includes flights and hotels.

    At 37 you are certainly not too old! Try not to worry! There is always options for you!

    Take care


  • Sorry for your news, it never worked for us either 4 epic fails....

    Going abroad for DE....

    Have you thought about this? Cost is much less than here, so far service has been better as opposed to just another paying customer.

    Take a look and see how you feel, there is no waiting list I have a rare blood type and waited only a matter of a week for my match... We head out soon for transfer.

    I wish you well xxx

  • Hello, jamjar! I feel terribly sorry for you. I know this pain, confusion and anxiety being mixed in one. But for us that was not fallopian tubes blockage, just endometriosis. Actually we did thought it was the only reason which made the obstacle. But it turned to be more complicated. Before we got to know the whole situation we made attempts in IUI and ICSI - none successful. Those were decisions made in haste as you know this is the episode than the age plays against us. Everything ended in our being told about DE as the only way out if I still wanted to experience pregnancy by myself.

    Again we didn't want to wait long, just couldn't as too much time had been already spent in vain. So we applied for DE in biotexcom, Ukrainian fertility center. We booked there 5 att program giving a successful result and were not mistaken as it took us 3 att to achieve pregnancy. Each time 2 embryos transferred. One vanished.

    This was the DE story for us. Thanks God we could afford every needed procedure.

    I know for sure after those first tries I wouldn't be able to wait for another 2.5 years. It would be really unbearable.

    My heart goes for you whatever your decision will be. Fingers crossed for you having baby dust sooner than it is supposed now xxx

  • Hello dear! have you thought about IVF somewhere abroad if you dont want to wait?

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