5th day post 3 day transfer

So by now supposedly so it'd just read, my little embie, hopefully, has started to embed. Wasn't aware as nurse told me implantation is in first few days being why I should take it easy. I woke feeling.......nothing. No sore breasts, no aversion to smells, no increased sex drive, no constipation anymore. Not that I even know exactly when most of those and more symptoms even started last time. So I was worried it's not worked, but that's no different to yesterday, and still hopeful, again, nothing new. Then about an hour ago, I started to feel a little light headed, dizzy, but only slightly. Drank some more water, still there a little. I've had a terrible pain in the middle of my back, definitely muscular and too high to be womb related etc yet I still caught myself thinking last night if maybe it was the progesterone causing loosening of the muscles again like last time (but that was low back pain), but it's wearing off anyway. So I Google'd embryo progress for day 3 transfers which is where I find it is hopefully only just implanting. With so many women being convinced they had symptoms during the 2ww it's difficult.

Just wish we had a little view in there to see what's going on! Hard to stay positive isn't it, and I've still got 6 days to go 😯

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  • I can't imagine how difficult it is. I have struggled just naturally trying. I can imagine that IVF is much more intense. Waiting is the worst part of this all process. Forever waiting! I haven't got any better at it !πŸ˜‚ Good luck I do hope time doesn't drag too much for you. Regarding symptoms I think it's too early days. I didn't feel any different when I was pregnant with my now 17 year old son, the only clue was my period being 2 weeks late. There is hope πŸ’― I really hope you get a BFP in 6 days time. πŸ’• x x x

  • Thank you for replying hun. I know, too early, far too early and symptoms are either not related or most likely from the pessaries anyway. Mixture of stress and hormones making me over analyse I think. That's the problem, you're consumed by it at times especially when your this far into treatment. I remember ttc before Ivf and it's no fairground ride is it! It can really suck, so I totally empathise with your waiting battles. I hope your trying ends in a happy healthy pregnancy for you very soon xxx

  • it must be very hard. With those hormones they give you must spin you out.on top of what already is a stressful situation. I think I'd be just the same. I was on norethistrone for 2 cycles and I went crazy! I was so hormonal I felt like I'd gone mad I really wasn't myself at all (no trying as GP advised me I'm at high risk of miscarriage as I am) and that's without the stress of trying for a baby or having baby and dealing with that side which is very emotional. I think you're so brave going through IVF, it's not for the faint hearted. I have the most up respect for anyone that goes through that. Like I said I went crazy bananas on norethistrone my hubby daren't even look at me! πŸ˜‚Don't give yourself a hard time for having these feelings,completely normal in this situation. I had my blood tests done today checking for anaemia and glucose, so another wait a week for results! Like I said this all one big waiting game and it's not much fun! Once these issues are finally sorted I'm going pay for a second opinion and see if we can get to the bottom of why it hasn't happened. I think having a plan really helps makes you feel like you're doing something positive. Tho I'm seeing my gynae till April I trying to keep myself busy. 😬 Thank you for the kind wishes you too πŸ’— I'm sure it'll be worth the wait when you have your baby πŸ’• x x x

  • Yes I agree, been a big planner for a decade now lol. Maybe that's why the wait is so hard, because finally you can't plan the outcome! Ask your gp, or maybe better, your gyne about thrombophilia screening if not had it before. It's for blood clotting. It's an expensive test so they don't shout about it, but if you've had reoccurring miscarriage I would strongly recommend it. Also ask about increased dose of folic acid, not just the regular amount in pregnancy vitamins, and mini asprin. Worth the conversation xx

  • I'd say it's too early to have pregnancy symptoms and many symptoms you may think you have can be due to progesterone. I didn't get nausea until 8 weeks and have not have any heightened sense of smell. The only clue that implantation had worked was a small tummy upset I had a couple days after transfer. I've had this with all pregnancies, just a little (sorry tmi) diarrhoea. In previous pregnancies I had implantation spotting, but not this one. All pregnancies are different. Forget the symptoms, anyone who says they have them in the 2ww could be getting them from the progesterone.

  • Yep I agree, that's the most bizarre thing isn't it, for as rational and statistical as we can be, stupid thoughts still creep in. I can understand the tummy upset to be fair, I get that a little every month anyway and was advised its linked to our hormone surges. At least this time I have somewhere to vocalise it, never heard of this group til a few months ago. I've never had implantation bleeding at this stage either, only some old spotting weeks later followed by the early twin loss, so not concerned by that, in fact I'd prefer not t get it at all even though I know it's completely ok to get it, I'd just hope not to after last time as I'm sure you can empathise. The heightened sense of smell was huge last time, and got progressively worse for 2 months lol. It was early, but not sure when exactly, maybe it was nearer 7wk scan if I remember rightly.

    I do wonder if it's also the menopur that has made me more hormonal whilst using it and the few days after this time, as that appears to be quite a common side effect for ladies here that didn't have it with gonal f!

  • You're totally normal with all these thoughts, don't worry! I was exactly like that in the beginning but then realised there was no point reading into anything because of the hormones. I had pains like my period was coming on and everything, which totally confused me! I'm with you on the spotting, I'm relieved I didn't get it this time apart from one isolated time. I was also fully expecting a heightened sense of smell, but had nothing this time! Some food aversions alright but more to do with texture rather than anything else. In some ways I'm relieved that it is so different to my previous ones as it gives me added hope that things are going well. The spotting was definitely not a good sign for me in the past! Wish you all the best and hope you get good news in 6 days time. Less than a week for you to go and it's nearly the weekend too!

  • Yep I can imagine just how it not being like your previous pregnancy can help ease you slightly! I'm the same in hoping my lack of heavy back ache, and less pain pre and post collection this time could be a good thing that my body has had less healing to do. I hope so. As all my other losses before Annabelle were very early, her pregnancy was completely new territory for me, so now I'm stuck as maybe you were between not getting far enough to have a lot of experience, yet too far to be in that old happily nieve place.

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