Dare to hope?

Having been ttc for over four years and gone through two failed rounds of fresh IVF last year we were due for frozen round next month. I was supposed to call the clinic with the first day of my period which was due last Thursday. It didn't come, bar some very very light bleeding on and off.

Now, last week sadly my Dad was diagnosed with liver cancer which has been a massive shock and incredibly worrying and upsetting. I've been pretty stressed with it all, amongst other things, so I have put my late period down to stress.

I was going to call the clinic today to ask what to do but I knew they'd ask me if I've done a test so thought I'd better just do one this morning to 100% make sure and it came up with two blue lines which is supposed to mean positive! They were both relatively pale (but obviously there) but it was about my third pee of the morning which. I presume would be weaker.

So I'm trying not to get my hopes up and wondering what I should do now? Should I leave it a few days and test again first thing in the morning or do I call the clinic or book a appointment with my GP?

The world works in mysterious ways!

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  • That sounds very hopeful! Got my fingers crossed for you. I know what you mean after lots of disappointment you feel the day will never come. I really hope it has for you.

    Best of luck x

  • Oh sounds like it could be your time. My GP would just do another urine test which you can do yourself. Call your clinic & ask if they will do a blood test for you. Even if they have a small charge it will be worth it to get a definite answer. Fingers & toes are crossed for you x

  • I'd do another test first thing in the am. Good luck!

    Sorry to hear about your father. I hope he gets the care he needs xx

  • Thanks everyone. I did another test this morning (different one) and it also came up positive. I can't quite believe it after all this time and all the fertility treatment it happens naturally!

    I was just saying last week that I want for this next round of treatment to work more than ever to give my Dad something to keep going for and it would really make him happy before he goes (though I'm keeping everything crossed he'll stay with us a little longer yet, he has his biopsy this morning so should know more next week). It was almost as if someone was looking down on me, it feels like a bit of a miracle!

    Trying not to get too excited though as it's still very early days. I'm coming up 38 and have endometriosis so the odds are stacked a little against me but hopefully this is a tough one!

  • Hello. I'm sorry about your dad. But my friend had really endometriosis, and was told she would never ever fall pregnant naturally by loads of doctors. Her little boy is now two. so miracles Defo do happen. I also had loAds of icsi treatment, none worked, but I am now nearly 16 weeks with a natural pregnancy. I am so thankful to God for our miracle baby. I'm so pleased for you. Maybe try a digital clear blue one. That will tell you how many weeks since conception. Unless you can. Pin to point that yourself. Xxx

  • That's fantastic news, congratulations! I wonder if sometimes the IVF or ICSi just gets our bodies working again?

    It was a Clearblue digital I used this morning and it confirmed 2-3 weeks which would be correct :)

    Good luck with your pregnancy xx

  • Firstly, congratulations, and I'm so very sorry to hear about your dad. I personally would call the clinic. Ask if they can do bloods to confirm hcg levels and give you any advice based on your circumstances. They know you, so if anyone can they can. If nothing more it may give you some peace of mind confirming and scheduling an early scan maybe?

    I'm so so over the moon for you! Take great care, and I hope your news inspires your dad that miracles really can happen xxx

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