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Hi ladies

Myself and my hubby are on the nhs waiting list for icsi. Meantime we've been getting some extra tests and the doctor has said that they think my husband should freeze some sperm as she thinks his situation is likely to worsen, very low count & motility. Does anyone know if this lowers the success rate, I forgot to ask? We're looking at starting treatment in a few months and everyday my head is full of new questions though reading this website has been great for information!

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  • My husband is the same. I have been trying to get him to stop drinking but it hasn't really worked although he really did reduce prior to giving his sample for the icsi fertilisation. Our doc said if he could stop boozing, after 6 weeks (I know that is a long time), his sperm mobility, form and count would really improve. So you could try that? Also get your husband to take the herbal medicine called selenium. Another thing our icsi doc advised us to do.... Good luck! Xx

  • Tell him 6wks is nothing to the 9 months dry we're all hoping for 😉 xx

  • Thanks for getting in touch! I'm a wee bit all over the place wondering what the next step is...I'm such a planner!! I've been told from the Dr that there's nothing we can do to improve our situation, low testosterone & high fsh! Just got to keep believing...I'm full of hope but at the same time a very practical person which in some ways quite pessimistic! I'm not really much of a sharer/talker but I'm finding this site really helpful & really appreciate everyone that is talking here!

  • Completely understand your stance there. Wouldn't still be here if I didn't have hope, I know miracles do happen and the science behind them, but being analytical by nature means I also know the stats all too well. Knowing it's a numbers game doesn't help one bit, because of course sometimes it's not! I'm trying to focus on each stage separately now. Previously the entire journey with a billion variations was laid out in front of us........that's some scary planning let me tell you! It's ok to be realistic, just bit by bit tho, day by day when you need to hun xxx

  • Hi Cinderella5. Just to say that they will only freeze viable sperm. The ones that get through the assault course they have to endure are tough little cookies! Just wanted to wish you well with it all. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, hopefully they find enough that can complete the assault course then! Ha ha ha I'm actually pretty happy that they're being proactive with it. I was just worried that they may not do the job so well if they weren't fresh but at least I know there will be some there if it's pre frozen! Fingers crossed!

  • Hi Cinderella5. Fingers crossed that they do find plenty of “good swimmers”! Remember too that the ones that get to be frozen will be very strong, and with modern freezing techniques (vitrification) will be very likely to survive thawing. Diane

  • My husband had a sperm test and they said it was slightly low but all moving ok, he has been taking the male pre conception tablets for about 4-6months and last test much improved and more or less normal x

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