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Second round ICSI

Second round ICSI

Right ladies second time round is hopefully not far away after failed implantation in December. Any tips for next time? I'm going to start acupuncture and look into foods that may help. I didn't do either last time as I thought it will or won't happen regardless, and when I asked the doctor they said as long as I'm taking folic acid there's nothing else that will effect whether it's successful or not. But this time round I'm going to try everything...just in case! Even going to light a candle while I'm away and I'm not even religious!x

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I don't know if ICSI is the same as I just had straight IVF but l thought I would try anything! I ate an avocado every day (sometimes only half as I got sick of them!) and I kept a hot water bottle on my abdomen area as much as possible! I also tried to stay as positive as possible, power of positive thought and all that! Good luck!! X



I went for acupuncture during our IVF cycle (which ended in a BFP). I have no idea whether it made a difference to the outcome or not but I really enjoyed my sessions. They were very relaxing and I often fell asleep. My husband had a very positive experience with acupuncture for back pain which helped me believe it could work for this too. I had also read that one study showed it could improve your chances of successful IVF by up to 60%. My clinic said 'well it certainly my wont do any harm' so I just went for it!

My acupuncturist told me to use a hot water bottle until EC then no heat on the abdomen after that (I was too scared to even have a bath!).

In terms of diet I ate lots of chicken, Brazil nuts and pineapple which I heard were good. I also ate a ton of chocolate which I think was down to the stress 🙈🍫🍪🍩

Whether any of it made a difference to the outcome I have no idea but it made me feel like I had a bit of control over the outcome and it gave me something to focus on during the process!

Good luck x


As hopeful said, it gives me the tiniest bit of control back doing acupuncture this time, not that it won't work without, many of us including myself have had pregnancy without! But hey, even if it just helps calm you a bit it is worth it in my opinion. My specialist was also very happy to hear we had been doing acupuncture this time since our loosing our daughter. I can't say it works, but my cycle has been overall steady ever since, only a few months have I had a few days out, but appears to have settled quicker than some people in the same position. Just been told to eat pineapple to aid "sticky" womb for transfer so am now doing that. Also eaten Brazil nuts and lots of protein, low carb diet on recommendation from our consultant. Also I've cut out all caffeine (abet chocolate, again I'm with hopeful in thinking it's down to stress comfort eating, but far less consumption this time), I'm using extra strength folic acid and omega 3. Be aware amd limit green tea consumption, some believe it limits folic acid absorption. We got only one egg this time, but bizarrely better quality than the last time, and I think the just one has more to do with my poor reaction to the new drug they tried to use on me, it just didn't seem to agree with me as it does with other ladies. I'm also taking a quarter of an asprin everyday too. Again, who knows if it works, but won't do any harm and makes me feel like I'm doing as much as I can! Lots of hope to you xx


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