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Half way through and no symptoms really 😟


Hey ladies

Am half way through the 2ww and no symptoms so my positive vibe is slowly turning negative.

Had a little brown and s few shooting pains here and there what could have been a little tugging but tbh I could have imagined it.l and its same signs as AF😡

Either way I have blood test for Wednesday and absolutely shitting it.

Besides being fat and cleared feels like that's the only time I will ever see what it's like to have a massive belly .

Big shouts and BFP wishes to you all.

2 x 5dt AA AND AB DE Cycle x

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One thing I have learned is take each day as it comes. Every month I hang on to every bloody symptom hoping and praying its pregnancy symptoms not monthly symptoms. I honesty hope you get a positive result, good luck xxxx


Its all natural Tamtam, you start off so positive at the outset of the 2ww and by a few days in its all out the window. Just believe that now is your time and good things are happening, try to relax and de-stress.

Wishing you all the luck in the world xx

Your almost there lovely! I had 0 symptoms!  Apart from tugging! The tugging is a good sign that somethings going on ..

Otherwise if it wasn't taking you wouldn't be feeling any tugging or cramps. 

Period type crampare normal and I had a sore back around day 7 

Good luck sweet heart x 

Keep positive I know it's hard! Remain focused visualise your having this baby x 


Hang in there lovely from what i can see, af and bfp symptoms are the same ;) just be good to yourself xx

Yep, I agree with losinghope. The progesterone messes with you and causes the same symptoms for pregnancy as you would have with AF. As for feeling proper pregnancy symptoms, this doesn't really happen until you're a little further along, 7-8 weeks. I felt nothing until maybe 8 weeks. It all just messes with your mind, so keep occupied to distract yourself and stay positive. x

Thinking of you got all things crossed. Good luck x

Symptoms or no symptoms, you really can't tell. Good luck, I know the waiting is so tough xx

Waiting is always hard, especially when you'be done the 2ww before. Hopefully you'll get that bfp.


Keep positive! I didn't realise I was until I did a test cus I was a week late- the symptoms feel so much like period ones I could barely tell! 

Best of luck Hun! X

Definitely agree with the above! I had period pains and all AF symptoms so was convinced my period was going to start any minute but it didn't and it was a positive test! I know that won't help much as people said the same to me and in your head you think AF I going to start. Keep optimistic period symptoms and pregnancy are the same!xx

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