Almost there

So so so! After overstimulating last week and ending up with 32 follicles and a close wave to my cycle being terminated or at least delayed weeks and moving from fresh to frozen. A last minute miracle happened and my oestradiol was back in order.

Monday I had my egg collection, still being taunted by my husband about what I said under the influence 😵, king's college broke the bittersweet news, (drum roll) 10 eggs 🎊 but, and there is always a but, the husband s semen was catastrophic 1 swimmer and the few rest are just floating, between us he was gutted and even though I was supportive I was really angry at him all this time that I was expressing how important to reduce the drinking be more active and stop the cigarettes sooner than last minute.

Today I get the call and 8 out of 10 are mature and 6 out of 8 have fertilised now it's matter of wait and see which ones will be the chosen ones.

Almost there!

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  • Wow! Talk about a lot of last minute stress! Fingers crossed for you.

  • I also got the time of EC wrong I thought it was 11 while it was 10 so leisurely came 20min late while all the nurses were panicked.

    I looked at that paper every day for three days reading it again and again and yet my brain just went blank.

  • Hi InTheMiddleOfIt. Well, you’re definitely on your way now – just waiting for embryo transfer. You’ve obviously been through quite some anxious times, so just to wish you well with embryo transfer and some embryos to store frozen - and of course success. Diane

  • No frozen embryos on day 3 but had 2 transfered, the other 4 are low grade so they ll give them a chance till Saturday to see how they act then decide, the embryologist said it's unlikely.

    We hope they won't be needed.

  • Hi. At least 2 little embies are back where they belong, so will be thinking of then - and you - as they continue to grow. Diane

  • Oooo that's sounds promising, I wish you all the best of luck with your ET, how many are you transferring? Xx

  • We decided on 2 we had the ET yesterday, but I m afraid the other 4 are low grade and can't be frozen so everything crossed that these 2 do the job and make it.

  • That's a great fertilisation rate. Fingers crossed you get a nice quality one for transfer and a few for the freezer!

    Wishing you lots of luck x

  • I wished, next day got a call that 8/10 were mature and 6/8 did fertilise and on my ET day they said that 2/6 are good the rest is low grade and might be disposed of and not even frozen. I had to transfer 2 as 1 was acting as expected (8 cells on day 3 no fragmentation) and 1 was a little enthusiastic (15 cells and fragmentation but all regular) and embryos have low chance to develop normally and nicely outside of the body so decided to increase my chances and not gamble.

  • It can be disheartening when they don't develop as expected. But, having two to transfer is still good do try not to be too disheartened! Good luck for your OTD. Hopefully your embies are snuggling in nicely x

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